10 Date Night Ideas For Married Couple

Making time for each other when you’re married can fall to the bottom of the list with the daily stresses of life. However, reconnecting romantically is vitally important to keep the relationship strong. Taking time to enjoy yourselves as a team by flirting and making conversation away from domestic drudgery will remind you why you guys are such a great twosome. To give you and your partner some inspiration when you’re both alone, here are 10 fun date night ideas to try:

1. Be a tourist in the place you live

Have a look online for your nearest historic town, National Trust property or landmark and head there to pretend you’re sweethearts on a staycation. Ask strangers to take pictures of you kissing, hire a bicycle and have supper in the local pub. It will feel exciting and also make you appreciate your local area more.

2. Recreate your favourite dates

Each couple shares a favourite date – perhaps it was the first time you kissed, or when you got tipsy and did karaoke together? Whatever it is, re-create a date night that means so much to you and bring those memories flooding back. Not only is it a lovely way to revisit the feelings you encountered at the time; but it’s a nice way to see how much your relationship has grown while appreciating today’s version of your partnership.

10 Date Night Ideas For Married Couple

3. Meet for a blind date

Inject some mystery into your date night with a blind date. Have one of you arrange the location, dress code and activity while giving the other helpful hints and clues in the forms of cryptic text messages or notes. The more mystery, the better! Get dolled up, meet at your location and re-enact the thrill of the chase (even after you’ve caught each other).

4. Extreme sport

Marriage can often feel like a comfort blanket, so what better way to push the boundaries than an extreme sports date. Get your heart rate pumping and your adrenalin rushing with a bungee jumping date on a bridge or a free-fall tandem jump out of a plane. You can even do it to raise money for a charity that’s close to your heart. There’s nothing like a scary, life affirming experience to make you appreciate the one you love!

5. Get back to basics

There’s nothing like being at one with nature to bring out your primitive side. Book a night or two at a local camp site, or splash out on a luxury glamping experience for total seclusion and privacy. Whatever you choose, get back to nature around a campfire and tell ghost stories to get your senses going. If you’re feeling adventurous and your spot is pretty isolated, take your primal instincts one step further and make love under the stars.

6. Restaurant hop

When you’re deciding on where to eat, it can be difficult to agree on the location. Whether you fancy tapas for starters or pasta for your main, make dinner dates a bit more fun by choosing a restaurant per dish. Check with the restaurant that they are OK with you just stopping by for one course (most will be as you give the table back quickly) and sample three cuisines instead of one.

7. Go to the fairground

Unleash your inner child and head to your nearest fairground, theme park or amusement arcade for a day of youthful fun. Go searching for your favourite games or ride the tallest rides while restoring a sense of fun and flirtation to your marriage. Not only will you feel younger and more alive, but it’ll give your relationship a fresh new perspective.

8. Spice up the bedroom

Clear the diary, get rid of the kids and get the house ‘love’ ready. Run a bath, prepare the bedroom with soft lighting, put your favourite sheets on the bed and take the time to reconnect physically. Sex toys and pleasure sets can help give variety between the sheets and some sexy music with a good bass can help set the scene. If you need help setting the pace, try watching a steamy movie to get you both in the mood. Make sure the fridge is stocked up or your favourite takeaway is on speed dial, so you don’t have to leave the house.

9. Go to a quiz night

Connect on a cerebral level and create a dynamic duo at your local pub for quiz night. Intellect is a massive turn on so remind each other of your specialist subjects over a pint or two. Enjoy a selection of the bar keeper’s best bar snacks and indulge your competitive nature. There’s nothing like a healthy dose of rivalry when you’re on the same side to get pulses racing. Whether you come in first place or last, take your new found knowledge home for a hot session in the bedroom.

10. Explore the local farmer’s market

Indulge your inner foodie at the local food festival or farmer’s market. Taste the delicious produce and select ingredients to create your favourite recipe. Then take your purchases home to the kitchen and work together to produce a feast fit for a king and queen. Working together makes cooking fun and means you have a delicious meal to enjoy together after your date, which includes all your favourite flavours that you both encountered in the day.


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