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While shared rituals of watching your favourite programme on Netflix while eating takeaway every Friday can get a tad bit boring. Keeping things fresh in a relationship not only improves the bond you have between your partner but can help bring back those butterflies you had on the first few dates.

With Christmas approaching and buying gifts may have pinched your pockets, here are 10 inexpensive date ideas to pump the romance back in your love life.

Winter Hiking

Discover the great outdoors with a day trip hiking some of England’s most beautiful landscapes. Not only are you enjoying the beautiful landscapes but you are sneaking in some exercise while you’re at it. A couple of hours walking and talking can help reduce cortisol levels while boost creativity. Don’t worry If there are no mountain tops to climb in your area, a trip to your local park surrounded by greenery can have the same benefits.

Warm the Cockles

Try something new and sample the finest coffee and teas your area has to offer on a Saturday morning? Figure out a combination of your favourite coffee shops that you love and places you always wanted to try and create a top 3 list for you and your partner to test their most popular picks. Whether it’s a hot chocolate you’re after or a seasonal latte you crave, test what you like and enjoy the memories you’ll create.

Christmas Bake Off

From scrumptious Victorian cakes to savoury sausage rolls why not challenge your partner to a bake off? Pick a recipe that you both enjoy and rate each other’s bake on appearance and taste. Once you have finished tasting each other’s masterpieces, why not settle in for a late night cuddle.

Durex Cheeky Cherry Lube and Saucy Strawberry

DIY Game Night

Whether you decide to play an old time favourite or want to try something new, a competitive night in playing your favourite board game can be a fun way of bringing some fun and excitement to your relationship while you’re on a budget. To make things more interesting why not play the best out of 3 to keep the suspense alive.

Create a Home Massage Parlour

After a stressful week at the office, turn your bedroom into a sensual retreat. Much cheaper than going to a spa, give each other a back of massage. Not only can they help reduce stress, alleviate pain, and improve your mood; all you will need is a towel, lube or pleasure gel. If you’re not sure which area to begin, seek the advice of your partner on areas on their lower back or shoulders that are feeling tight.

Visit a Christmas Market

Enjoy the bold lights, crowded stalls, and vintage items at your local Christmas market to help bring in the festive cheer to your night. With plenty of markets across the UK, you can explore ones closest to your area or take a mini road trip to a bigger city for a more spectacular display. With the chance of eating savoury mince pies, German sausages, and large amounts of mulled wine, this date idea will help you both to get in the festive mood.

DIY Breakfast in Bed

With all the presents and Christmas festivities to splurge on, money may be a bit tight. However, you can still create a winter wonderland escape in your own home. Stock up on all your favourite foods, grab some scented candles and make sure to have fluffy bathrobes and slippers for you and your partner to snuggle in after a refreshing shower.

Cook Together

Surprise your partner by cooking them a lovely meal. Whether they love your famous pasta dish or you want to spice things up by trying a new cuisine together; cooking can be an intimate experience for the both of you. There are a ton of recipe books to choose from, so why not try themes like sushi, Moroccan or Indian and dazzle your partner with your culinary skills.

Go Ice Skating

Strengthen the physical and emotional bonds that you have between you and your partner with a trip to your local ice skating rink. From holding hands to full body embraces, impress your partner this winter season with your skating moves or lack of. So bundle up and enjoy a night of cheesy tunes, laughs, and hot cocoa.

DIY Home Cinema

Enjoy spending time with your partner without the pricey cost of cinema tickets by creating your own cinema viewing at home. Stock up on your favourite snack, drinks, and dive in with a cosy blanket as you cuddle on the couch for a night of your favourite Christmas movies.

Looking for more festive cheer? Check out our tips on how to drive your lover wild this winter.


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