What perfect time to give and receive this Christmas season then ringing in the holiday season with good cheer and festive sex?

Truly embody the holiday spirit and grab the mistletoe for a steamy session with our sexy and sultry 12 Christmas sex positions.

Sleigh Rider

Begin by laying towards the edge of the bed making sure your thighs and legs are dangling off the side of the bed as your partner kneels or stands in front of you. As they enter you, make sure that your partner has a grip on your waist to help keep both of you balanced as you both move together. To increase the sensations that you can receive from your partner, lay back on the bed and slightly raise your legs upwards. Not only will this give your partner a great view of your breasts, but he can also use one of his hands to explore the rest of your body to reach the ultimate climatic finish.

The stocking stuffer

To ring in the festive cheer, get on all fours as your partner kneels behind you. Whether you’re on the bed or on the floor, make sure that both you and your partner are comfortable. As your partner begins to enter you, have him thrust extremely slow to help build up the pace. while you lower your upper body onto the bed or floor. The arch in your back should increase the sensation of your partner thrusts, allowing for a deeper penetration.

The wise man

Ditch the thermal blankets and turn up the heat with this sultry position. Have your partner sit on a chair or on the edge of the bed as you sit on his lap facing him. As your partner enters you, you can control the angle and depth of the thrusts as you both rhythmically move up and down. Not only does this seated position allow both you and your partner to be comfortable, you have the opportunity to caress each other by using your hands anywhere on the body to further heighten sensation.

Santa’s helper

Show Santa you’ve been good all year with this steamy position guaranteed to please. Begin with your partner laying back on the bed as you mount him. Similar to the popular cowgirl position, push off his chest and slide up and down his thighs as you find the right rhythm for you. Have your partner support some of your weight by grabbing onto your hips or thighs as he rises to meet your thrusts. To maximise your climax even more, alternate between shallow and deep thrusts to help stimulate different areas of your vagina.

The mistletoe wonder

Create the perfect harmony between you and your partner with this sensual position. Both of you should be near the edge of the bed with you resting on one side of your hip and forearm. Make sure that your thighs are pressed together as your partner stands and straddles you as he enters you from behind. Keep your legs firmly pressed together for a tighter squeeze as your partner thrusts into you. To alleviate some of the work your partner may be doing, try thrusting your hips to match your partner’s tempo.

Jingle bells

Create some music of your own with this sultry and sensual position. Lay back on the bed with your legs raised all the way up in the air as your partner enters you. Similar to the missionary position, make sure that your ankles are crossed behind your head for a deeper feeling. As your hands are free to roam, you can use your fingers or a vibrator to massage your clitoris for extra sensations. For a more pleasurable experience for your partner, have him rub his pubic bone against your clitoris which will directly stimulate your G-spot

The naughty list

Spice up your lovemaking with this sensual sex position, guaranteed to get you on Santa’s naughty list. Begin by having your partner lay on the bed with his legs spread apart as you mount him with your face pointing to his feet. As he enters you, tilt your pelvis forward as you place each leg to the side ensuring that your hands are placed in front of your chest for support. Make sure to move your hips up and down as he uses his arms to guide your movements. Keep your chest low to your body as you raise your hips to meet his thrusts for the perfect sensual feeling.

Winter wonderland

Begin by having your partner sit cross-legged as you sit on his lap facing him. Make sure to wrap your legs around his waist as you move up and down. Perfect for rocking back and forth, have both you and your partner embrace each other for more added support. Not only does this position help you feel more connected, it allows you to gaze into your partner eyes to help achieve that big O.

Xmas cheer

Turn down the lights and have some festive fun with this adventurous and sexy position. Begin by both you and your partner standing up straight. Have him lift you up as you wrap your legs around his body. As he continues to stand straight, make sure that your arms are wrapped around his neck to help stabilise you as you both rock back and forth.

Roasting chestnuts

Start the fire going in the bedroom with this sultry position that is sure to set your bedroom ablaze. Place your ankles on your partner’s shoulders as he enters you as you lift your butt in the air. Your partner will either hold onto your butt or legs for further support. Not only does your partner have total control of the depth of penetration, they can use this opportunity to further heighten sensations by using a flavoured lube to kiss and massage other parts of your body.

Festive carols

Make some joyful noise in the bedroom with this creative and sexy position. Begin by having your partner stand behind you as you bend over in front of them. As your partner enters you, place both of your hands on the floor in front of you as your partner grabs you by your hips to raise both of your legs in the air. Your thighs can be apart with your partner’s thighs inside yours to give you more support

The perfect nog

Cherish the time you have with your partner with this Begin by having both you and your partner lay on your sides with your back facing his chest. As he starts to enter you, make sure that your thighs are squeezed together while resting on your partner’s thighs for support. While you find a pace that the both of you can enjoy, why not add a sex toy to further stimulate you both? Spice up your lovemaking with this sensual sex position, guaranteed to get you on Santa’s naughty list.




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