4 Causes of Vaginal Dryness

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Despite common belief, vaginal dryness is not just a symptom for menopausal women. It can also be a problem for younger women, which can sometimes be linked to other health issues or occur at particular periods of change. Other times, being a little bit ‘dry’ down there is just the way our body is, and we sometimes need a little help to fully be lubricated. Luckily there are many solutions for vaginal dryness including water-based lubricants and intimate moisturisers, but first let’s take a further look into the most popular causes.

A change in hormones

Women’s hormones play a factor for a whole host of bodily responses. Big changes occur in women’s oestrogen levels during menopause, breastfeeding and post childbirth. A significant drop of these particular hormones can often lead to a decrease in vaginal lubrication. Often these stages in a woman’s life can result in a low libido; causing a lack of interest in sex, while further contributing to low levels of lubrication production.


Many medicines and drugs can have adverse side effects. Some of the most common forms of medication, which may have a side-effect of vaginal dryness are the contraceptive pill and antidepressants[1]. These types of medication can change your hormone levels, ultimately changing the levels of moisture or fluids that your vagina produces. Adding a lubricated condom can help counter the effects and give both you and your partner a pleasurable intimate experience.

Anxiety & Stress

As well as changes in hormones or medication, emotional factors can also play a big part in reducing a woman’s sexual appetite; hence affects a woman’s normal vaginal lubrication production.

If a woman feels upset, anxious or depressed they may not feel turned on or sexy. This not only impacts the way they interact with their partner but can limit the natural production of lubrication needed for sex.

Another factor that can impact arousal is stress. Often linked to a reduction in blood flow around the body, stress can interfere with moisture levels in the vaginal area. To avoid this, try to find outlets to help you unwind and de-stress for an enjoyable night with your partner.

The wrong partner

Sex with the right partner should be fun, intimate and enjoyable for both people. If you are beginning to dislike sex or if you find it hard for your partner to turn you on, then there may be some issues with your relationship which need to be addressed. A lack of enjoyment in sex can most often lead to vaginal dryness as the body finds it hard to produce lubrication with no interest in arousal or stimulation.

Vaginal dryness is an inconvenient and sometimes painful condition, which is most often linked with other symptoms. Always be sure to talk to your GP about your symptoms as they are best suited to advise on all possible treatments and cures.

However, if you are struggling with sexual activity because of vaginal dryness, using specially formulated lubricants can help. There are many types of lubricants, including the Durex Naturals Intimate Gel, that can help ease discomfort and allow you to have the great sex that you deserve.


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