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4 Oral Sex Positions You Need To Try


Indulging in oral sex with your partner is a highly intimate act, some may even say it’s more intimate than intercourse. When it comes to pleasuring your partner, feelings of vulnerability may arise due to giving your partner access to your most intimate parts.

However, oral sex can be one of the most pleasurable and orgasmic sex acts you and your partner can share. If you are looking to take your lovemaking to the next level, here are 4 oral sex positions for you.


Give your lover an unforgettable experience with this sultry position. Begin by having your partner lie on the bed as you kneel over him with your most intimate parts straddling his face. Not only does this position allow your partner to stimulate your clitoris, it gives you the opportunity to take control of your movements by tilting your pelvis closer or further away for optimal orgasmic pressure. For a more pleasurable experience, stroke your partner’s hair to reassure them that you are enjoying what they are doing, or use your hands to caress you breasts for stimulation.

Head off the Bed

Explore your partner and enjoy an intimate bond with this creative position. Whether it’s you or your partner that is the receiver, the giver reclines on the bed with their head off the edge of the bed, so that the neck is bent backwards. Depending on the height difference between you and your partner, the trick with this move is getting the positioning right. If you or your partner decide to squat or stand, remember comfort for the two of you is most important. Start off by slowly exploring this position and refine it to suit both of your needs. The goal is to add extra sensual pleasures while providing unlimited access for oral stimulation.

69 on your sides

Turn this classic position into a sensual wonderland. With the original position having either you or your partner on top, start off with both of you laying side by side with you both facing the opposite way. Not only does this prevent either one of you from having to support your weight but is less distracting and allows you both to relax and focus on one another. Each of you should drape one leg over the other’s shoulder to create access for stimulation. Try taking turns by having one of you stimulate the other for a few minutes then repeat until satisfied. Looking to add a bit more flair to this position? Add a sex toy to your night for further erotic stimulation.

The throne

While there is no male specific position such as the queening position, have your partner feel like a king with this hot position sure to make him feel like royalty. Start off with your partner seated in a comfortable chair as you kneel in front of him. Make sure to use your hands and mouth to add extra sensual pleasure to your partner. Whether you decide to save this for foreplay or as the main event, your partner will truly enjoy all the sensations.

Start off by slowly exploring this position and refine it to suit both of your needs.



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