Most of us are big fans of the missionary position and there is nothing wrong with admitting that this old classic is a favourite between you and your partner. This is an intimate position with him on top and her underneath, making face-to-face contact a big factor and ensuring constant eye contact throughout.

If you are looking for ways to spice up the position and add a bit of extra excitement with your partner, read on for some handy suggestions:

1. The power of the kiss

The power of kissing is so under-rated in heightening sexual pleasure, but in the missionary position you are in an optimum position to explore some serious mouth on mouth action. Make the most of the closeness to each others lips and engage in long passionate kisses. As the tempo increases and thrusts gain momentum; match this in the kissing stakes too, allowing your embrace to becoming deeper and more passionate. As well as the lips, take time to gently kiss the ears, behind the ears and side of the neck…all pleasure points that are bound to drive your partner into a frenzy.

2. Introduce some lube

One way of enhancing the missionary experience is to experiment with lube. Lube comes in all different types, and is not just used for couples with a necessity for it. Certain lubes are used for performance and can add to the sensations felt during sex, or even extend the duration of lovemaking. Try massaging in a warming or tingling lube onto the penis and inside the vagina before you start and notice the difference it makes to your experience.

3. Cover your eyes

As the missionary position is one where you and your partner are face to face during sex, why not add to the sexual arousal and tension by wearing a blindfold. As one of your primary senses is being restricted; your other senses heighten to compensate, creating an intriguing and exciting experience. Shy people may especially benefit from being blindfolded or blindfolding their partner, as this may make them feel more comfortable and enable them to be more adventurous.

4. Slip on a cock ring

If you are interested in introducing some toys into your sex life to spice up your favourite missionary position, then a cock ring would be a great place to start. A cock ring (otherwise known as a penis ring or a love ring) is a simple device which prevents the blood from flowing down the penis and therefore helps him to experience a harder erection that lasts longer than usual. Vibrating cock rings also offer increased pleasure for her by adding stimulation to the clitoris during sex. You can explore different ways of wearing a cock ring; using it at the top of the penis for invigorating, sizzling stimulation for her with the added vibrating contact or use it underneath the penis for thrilling sensations for him.

5. Introduce a vibrator

If you are not keen on the idea of a cock ring, then there are other sex toys you could try to involve in the position. A vibrator or intimate massager can provide perfect clitoral stimulation for her during sex while giving her complete control of driving the motions of the vibrator to ensure it is in the perfect position or allowing you to be in control and surprise her with his moves!




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