5 Sex Positions That Will Make You Feel Like An Olympian Athlete

5 Sex Positions That Will Make You Feel Like An Olympian Athlete

Ever year thousands take part in watching the phenomenon that is known as the Olympics. From watching their athleticism in awe to enjoying their favourite athletes attempt for Gold, the Olympics have become a monumental spectacle for people all around the world. Whether it’s the Summer Games or the Winter Olympics, the Olympic villages are full of attractive and fit athletes everywhere, who nerves and hormones are running on high. As the Paralympic Games begin, let’s take a look at the top 5 sex positions that you guys voted the best from our own Sex Games Challenge.

Beach Volleyball

Make sure you’re both winners in the bedroom with this sultry position. Lie down facing straight as your partner lifts your lower body off the bed. Place each hand on the side of his thighs for extra support as he enters you from the front. Keep your legs tightly together as he thrusts back and forth to intensify your pleasure. Add a sensual twist to your night with a vibrating massager that will have you begging for more. To make your time even more orgasmic, move in a figure-eight motion and let him hit your pleasure spot!

5 Sex Positions That Will Make You Feel Like An Olympian Athlete


If you want an orgasm as big as the Olympics, then this sex position is the winning move! Have your partner lay flat on the bed with their knees bent at a 90-degree angle as you straddle him. As you move up and down, use your partners bent knees as additional support. Let him rein it in with slow thrusts that are sure to please or turn things up a notch pair Durex Play pleasure gel with quick thrusts that will have you racing to the finish line. Your orgasm will be so intense you’ll be cheering lounder than a packed stadium of Olympic fans.


Take off and explore unchartered territory with this fiery position. Have both you and your partner face each other in a seated position as your raise your hips onto his lap. Place your arms behind you onto your partner shins as you slowly bob up and down at a smooth rhythmic pace. Gently rock your pelvis back and forth as you tighten your vaginal muscles for an explosive finish. Get your partner to do the same as you both wave your orgasmic flags in victory!

Field Hockey

Play the field and score some major points with this sex position that is sure to make you feel like a winner every time. Begin with your partner standing up as you get on all fours, keep your hands on the floor as your partner lifts your hips onto his waist. Keep your ankles wrapped around his leg for additional support as he thrusts into you. The tantalising tight squeeze and deep penetration are sure to have you scoring the winning goal!

Synchronised Swimming

Work as a team by combining your bodies together for the ultimate stroke! Begin in all fours as your partner kneels behind you. Slowly lower your arms to the bed as you raise your hips toward the ceiling as your partner enters you from behind with his legs stretched width apart. Have him thrust slowly in and out of you while you control the speed of your butterfly stroke by lifting your hips up and down for a saucy finish. Enjoy the Olympics totally in synch by adding a sex toy to your lovemaking session and perfect your moves even further.