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5 sex positions to make you feel like an Olympian


The Olympic Games are here again. In keeping with the famous Olympic motto, “the most important thing is not the winning but the taking part,” Durex have come up with a few gymnastic routines so you and your partner can join in the sport.

We’ve taken some of the best sex positions from the Kama Sutra and renamed them with an Olympian theme.

The parallel bars

Ask your partner to lay flat on the bed with their knees bent at a 90-degree angle, and their shins parallel, as you straddle them. Move up and down, using your partner’s bent knees for support. With some added lubrication provided by Durex Play Pleasure Gel, you can control the tempo and the depth of penetration all the way.


The floor exercise

Begin with your partner standing as you get on all fours, keeping your hands on the floor as your partner lifts your hips onto their waist. Keep your ankles wrapped around their legs for extra support as they enter you. There might not be any medals awarded at the end, but if you’ve got the strength to carry this one off then you probably deserve one.

Forward roll

Both you aid your partner face each other in a seated position as you raise your hips and put them onto their lap. Place your arms behind you onto your partner’s shins as you slowly move up and down at a smooth rhythmic pace. Then gently rock your pelvis, rolling back and forwards as you tighten your muscles and head towards an orgasm.

The rings

Here’s another one that needs plenty of athleticism. Lay down on your back as your partner lifts your lower body off the bed. Place each hand on the side of their thighs for extra support as they enter you. To intensify the pleasure, keep your legs tightly together as you are rocked back and forth.

Add a sensual twist to this routine with a cheeky cock ring. Choose from the Durex Pleasure Ring that has been designed to help maximise hardness for longer or the Durex Intense Vibrations Cock Ring which vibrates and teases to enhance your sessions.

Pummel horse

To find out why this position scores a firm 10 for many people, begin on all fours as your partner kneels behind you. Slowly lower your arms to the bed as you raise your hips toward the ceiling and your partner enters you from behind with their legs stretched apart. As they move slowly in and out, you can help control the tempo by lifting your hips up and down.

We hope we’ve inspired you to try a few new sex positions, and that you enjoy these athletic encounters with your partner. Adding a sex toy to your sessions is another way to ramp up the fun and the intensity. Good sex is about trying new things and, like an Olympian athlete, always looking for a new personal best.




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