5 Things You Should Try in Bed with Your Partner

5 Things You Should Try in Bed with Your Partner


In honour of National Bed Month, we wanted to look at the best ways for you and your partner to spend time in bed together. We all know the usual canoodle and snooze takes place, but we wanted to get to the nitty gritty with the top 5 things that you should try in bed with your partner. 


It’s not always possible for two people in a relationship to have synchronised sex drives. Sometimes our mismatched libidos can result in either one of you feeling sexually frustrated, or the other one obliged to please their partner when they just really aren’t feeling it. 

Being comfortable enough to masturbate in front of each other is a great solution to this, as you can control any release on your sexual frustration – whilst knowing your partner is fine with it. In fact, experimenting with masturbation in front of each other can encourage your significant other to get involved too. It’s a win win situation.

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of vanilla sex, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t experiment with some light bondage as well

Get Kinky

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of vanilla sex, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t experiment with some light bondage as well. Get 50 Shades of Play and turn up the erotica with our range of sex toys here at Durex. From our cock rings to our vast range of vibrators – become a dominant one and drive your partner wild with pleasure and anticipation.

Getting kinky doesn’t just involve whips and chains either, whispering in your partners ear what you want to do to them is bound to get both of you going. Slowly tease your partner by stroking on and around their intimate areas, you’ll be sure to have them begging for more.  

Pillow Talk

Believe it or not, pillow talk is a great way to spice up your sex life. Communication is key, and nothing helps a person open up more than a post-sex chat and cuddle under the sheets. 

Talking together in bed encourages you both to talk about your future, your dreams and aspirations – but more importantly the relaxed atmosphere will encourage you to discuss your likes and dislikes, and that includes in the bedroom. Use this opportunity to ask your partner what turns them on, and what you should stay well clear of. This new information and closeness will lead to more intimacy and understanding of each other, which as a result will lead to mind blowing sex.  

5 Things You Should Try in Bed with Your Partner

Easy Sex Positions

Whilst we’re constantly trying to experiment with the obscure sexual positions possible, sometimes the easiest ones are the ones that can achieve the best results (hello g-spot!). Because who wants to stand up against a wall when you can be in the comfort of your own bed? Using easy sex positions not only encourages you to become more intimate and involve more kissing, but you’re also already in bed for a cuddle after. Some of our favourite lazy sex positions involve face to face, sitting, straddling and from behind.

Lube Up

There’s a huge misconception that lubricant is used purely to help vaginal dryness and discomfort during sex. Whilst it does help aid in this, lube is also great for enhancing pleasure and is a fantastic addition to the bedroom for all couples. The vast range of lubes available can provide different sensations, temperatures and flavours. From oral and foreplay to sexual intercourse, introducing a lubricant can enhance touch between you and your partner for more earth-shattering orgasms.

Get Under the Covers

No, we’re not talking about playing hide and seek here. If you’re both feeling a bit frisky but also lazy, then oral sex is a great solution to this. Here at Durex, we have the best tips on how to give a good blow job that blows his mind. Oral sex is a selfless deed and shows that you are willing to pleasure your partner without expecting anything in return. Keeping up to scratch with our cunnilingus and blowjob techniques shows that you care, as well as providing orgasms a plenty.