5 Things Your Man Wants You To Say In Bed

Woman biting mans ear

Know just what to say to leave him putty in your hands…

While there is often a lot of discussion about how to satisfy women in bed, finding ways to keep your man happy is just as important.

Although stereotypes suggest men are easier to arouse and satisfy, this is not always the case and there are always things you can do to ensure you and your partner have the great sex you both deserve.

Talking dirty and telling your man a few important things are one of the easiest ways to make sure you both have better sex time and time again. But what should you say?

To help you get started, we have included five quick sex tips of things every man wants his partner to say in bed.


Man and woman in bed with Durex extended pleasure condoms

1. I want you!

This phrase has a similar effect when said to a woman and provides a sense of urgency and deep desire that is arousing. To make it even more effective, add extra detail such as “I want you right now” or show your naughty side and tell him “I want you in my mouth”.

2. I’ve been dreaming of this all day…

Showing your man you fantasize about him by telling him how much you’ve been thinking about getting him alone is an instant way to get him aroused. If you really want to up the heat, go into elaborate detail or tell him about a sex dream you’ve had about him.

Woman whispering in mans ear

3. That feels amazing!

Guys like to know that they’re pressing all the right buttons and hitting all the right spots. Give them reassurance by telling them how good a job they’re doing and go into detail describing the sensations if you really want to fire up their motors.

Why not suggest using performance enhancing condoms such as Durex Extended Pleasure, telling him you want to feel him for longer?

4. You’re so big and hard!

While size doesn’t matter, men love to hear that you’re satisfied with what they can give you. Describe their penis and how it feels inside you to show them that they’re doing everything right and to boost their confidence. This will only lead to better sex for both of you.

5. You can do what you want to me…

This phrase is a great way to put your man’s libido into overdrive but use it carefully. Always discuss your sexual preferences and dos and don’ts beforehand and set clear boundaries for any sex games so you don’t end up doing something you’re not comfortable with.

Alternatively, why not ask him what he wants to do to you? Get him to describe what he wants to happen while you make love to one another and don’t hold back with any moans of ecstasy or enjoyment. This lets him know that he is giving you what you want and will provide extra satisfaction for him too.