7 Signs You're In The Right Relationship

Relationships are complicated, with each being incredibly unique and personal to the two people involved. Whether you’re in the throes-of-passion-stage and never leave the bedroom or have been together for a little longer, chances are you will be asking yourself that same Holy Grail question – are they right for me? So to save you from constantly window shopping for a new partner or wondering if the grass is truly greener with someone else, here are seven signs that will help you stop wondering!

1. You don’t want to change them

You realise that unlike your exes who you wished were a little bit taller, funnier or someone else entirely; with this one, you feel like Goldilocks finding the last porridge, seat and bed… they are just right! With now wanting to change your partner, you don’t waste time on the ‘what ifs’ and subsequent negative thoughts, so your attitude to your relationship will be much more positive. Therefore you’ll both enjoy the partnership even more – win win.

2. You let the petty things go

When you are with the wrong person, you can constantly be on the verge of an argument; using any opportunity to insult your partner, while being ill-tempered. However, when Mr or Mrs Right graces your door, you are much more willing to let the small things go. You are much more able to resolve small issues like socks on the floor or leaving the toilet seat up. When you’re with the right person you don’t want to upset them or fight with them about the small things – their quirks make you smile. If you’re generally not bother by the little things about their idiosyncrasies, then it’s a good sign that they are a keeper.

3. Your Friends and Family think you’re an ace couple

One of the best and most reliable ways of finding out if you make a good team, is feedback from your nearest and dearest. Who better to take an honest and subjective view than those who know you best and know your relationship history? Ask friends and family to tell you what they think of your beau and how they compare to former love interests. If they think you and your partner make a good pair, you’re definitely on to a winner.

4. They help you be the best version of yourself

From helping you navigate tricky times with family and friends, to giving you confidence for that interview or exam; they make you a better person. If this is true of your partner then it’s a big tick in the ‘they are right for you’ box.

5. You have chemistry between the sheets

As relationships go through several different phases, you’re sexual relationship is sure to evolve as you and your partner get to know each other more. However, that shouldn’t mean that things should lack creativity, intensity and passion in the bedroom. If your partner is looking for new ways to please you and keep it fresh in the bedroom, introducing a sex toy or flavoured lubricants can be the key to a long-lasting sexually fulfilled relationship.

6. You share future goals

When you discuss the future are they thinking of creating a family to rival the Von Trapps housed in a country pile while you’re thinking of a life in the sun running a beach bar? If so, then it might be time to reconsider this relationship. If you’re looking for someone to go the distance with, it’s important that key life goals are aligned. From where you’ll live to how you manage your finances, these factors play a huge step in whether you can get move forward in your relationship. If you’re unsure if you and your partner are on the same team, have a talk to avoid disappointment and hurt.

7. You enjoy spending time together

Whether it’s a date night out or a romantic night in watching the latest episode of the new boxset everyone is talking about – you still find yourself blissfully content around them. This is a very good indication that your relationship will last the distance. The right partner is someone you still look forward to spending time with even after the honeymoon period phase has worn off. By actively make time to be together, your relationship will get stronger as you cherish the memories you create.


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