A Guide To Summer Sex... Outdoors

A Guide To Summer Sex... Outdoors

Go Au Natural 

Things get hotter over summer, not least of all in the bedroom! Of course, for some people the hotter months mean getting outside and enjoying sex au natural but how should you approach this risky and exhilarating activity?

Having summer sex outdoors can be a liberating experience that boosts your confidence and really satisfies your desires but you need to make sure you take the necessary precautions to stay safe.

There are also a number of laws surrounding this type of activity so it’s important you keep up to speed and don’t risk criminal prosecution for rolling around in the hay.

The law

Under British law you can be punished or convicted for having sex in a public place if it is witnessed by another individual. There are numerous laws and acts which can be quoted in this regard and all are designed to protect innocent members of the public, especially children, from seeing something they might not want to.

If you intend to have sex outdoors it is therefore important that you choose a private, secluded area which is away from prying eyes and not in public use. Make sure you check out the laws and legislations in full detail to make sure you don’t get caught out! Remember that the laws may be different abroad, so check before you travel too.



Once you have fully understood the restrictions on having sex outdoors it is time to start preparing for your exciting tryst. Make sure you are fully prepared by packing a few essentials before you leave the house.

Having sex outdoors can be a bit of a logistical nightmare so you’ll need to think of how to make yourself as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Packing lube and condoms will make sure your sexual experiences are both safe and comfortable but you should also think practically about your outfit.

Comfortable clothes that can be easily removed or slipped to one side are a must but you’ll also want to think about wearing something you don’t mind getting a little creased. Avoid light colours that could show up grass stains, dirt or other marks that tell the world what you’ve been up to.


As well as making sure you’re not breaking any laws you also need to make sure your chosen site won’t pose a risk to you. That means checking the area for pests, such as ants, or other harmful items that may cause damage.

Draping a mosquito net over your chosen spot can add a romantic ambience and keep pesky parasites at bay and you should also think very carefully before getting down to it in the sand. Beaches can harbour all sorts of bacteria, not to mention discarded syringes and other nasties, so it might be best to choose somewhere less exposed.

If you choose to have sex in water (it feels great thanks to the weightlessness experienced when our bodies are submerged) then remember that condoms might not be effective and could even slip off.


Everyone has their favourite sex positions but you may need to try a few new ones or revert to old favourites if having sex outdoors. Keep it simple and opt for comfortable positions that preserve your dignity and don’t require too much acrobatics.

Missionary position or the standard cowgirl are probably the most popular options when having sex outdoors but the reverse cowgirl and doggy style can also work well if you want something a little saucier.

Having fun

Finally, it’s important to remember why you’re having sex outdoors in the first place – to have fun and enjoy a new, exhilarating experience. Playing sex games can really add to the feeling of fun and excitement so why not try role play or dressing up?

With these sex tips under your belt, you’ll enjoy the best outdoors sex there is!