A Guide To Using Sex Toys For Couples

Discover the type of sex toy that works for the two of you…

More people than ever before have started to discover the benefits of using toys in the bedroom. Sex toys today aren’t just designed for long, lonely nights though – there are a wide variety of toys available for couples to enjoy that bring both partners a lot of pleasure.

When used correctly, the right sex toys can help build intimacy between the two of you and ensure you both receive the maximum level of enjoyment.

Not sure where to start? Take a look at the guide below to see which toys would best enhance your sexual journey with your partner.


By far one of the most common and popular toys on the market, there are hundreds of different vibrators available, some with the aim of targeting that elusive g spot. If you and your partner are new to this type of toy, start out on the lowest vibration setting. Some people are more sensitive than others, so higher settings can be too much for some people. Start off low and increase the vibration speed as and when you both feel you want to.

There’s no need to worry about a vibrator making too much noise – with whisper quiet technology, Durex have it covered with their range of vibrators.

Pleasure rings

More commonly referred to as cock rings, these sex toys come in a range of different options. They are designed to keep the penis harder for longer. Some even come with a vibration setting which can provide extra pleasure for both of you during intercourse. The Durex Play Vibrations Cock Ring is designed to provide pleasure to both you and your partner.

Shower and bath toys

Forget rubber ducks – invest in some great waterproof toys that you and your partner can use together in the bath or shower. Ensure that they are specifically designed for water play so that they are suitable to use in this environment. You may find that you don’t need lubricants when using sex toys in the bath or shower but if you do need a little extra moisture then make sure the lube you choose is suitable for water play too.


As well as sex toys, there are a number of accessories you can try out to enhance your sexual pleasure. Ribbed condoms, flavoured lube and flavoured condoms can all add a little more excitement to your sex life. You’ll be surprised by how many different flavours are out there.

Why not buy condoms online with your partner and choose a selection to try out? Many couples have found that toys significantly enhance their sex lives so if you feel something lagging between the two of you, why not talk about reigniting your spark with sex toys?


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