Best Autumn Dates To Help Reignite The Spark

The nights are growing darker, the leaves on the trees are turning browner as the last few days of Summer roll by. As Autumn approaches, Summer dates such as picnics and BBQs are replaced with cosier options like snuggling in front of the fire while enjoying the Wintery dark nights. Whether you are new on the dating scene, or in a long term relationship with a partner; here are four Autumn date ideas to help you to connect as a couple and spark some October passion!

1. Co-host a dinner party

Whether you have not yet met your partners closest group of friends or you see them on a regular basis, why not introduce them to your set of friends too and organise an Autumnal dinner party for them all. Host the party at either of your homes – depending on who has the most space – and send out an invite to your closest pals. Decide on a menu that you both like, (packed with seasonal produce such as sweet potatoes, pumpkins and rhubarb) and spend the day together preparing for your guests to arrive. Not only will it be fun to cook together in the kitchen, it will also make you feel closer as a couple to be hosting something together.

2. Take a hike

Autumn is a perfect time to be outdoors. The falling leaves and the crisp, bright mornings all provide great conditions for a long walk together. Arrange to meet up early and ensure you have your walking boots and rainproof coat with you so that you don’t get caught out mid-walk. Whether you plan a hike around your local park or woodland area, or fancy going further afield on a coastal trek, use the time to talk, hold hands and stop frequently to kiss, cuddle and admire the beauty around you. Pack up a romantic picnic with some delicious aphrodisiac foods, or stop at the local country pub for a hearty lunch before heading back home to get warm in front of the fire.

3. Attend a yoga class together

If neither of you are fans of cold weather exercise outside, then plan to meet up at a local class that you can attend together. Yoga is a great class to attend as a couple as it is low impact, therefore you don’t have to worry about getting sweaty in front of your partner, and also it is very non-competitive so you won’t run the risk of any embarrassment about who is better! Yoga is also ultra-relaxing and mindful, meaning that you will both leave the class feeling refreshed and upbeat – ready for an organic smoothie together at the nearest cafe!

4. Stay at home

Dark nights and dipping temperatures create the perfect excuse to stay in on a weekend, stocking up on your favourite foods, downloading a box-set and enjoying some time relaxed together on the sofa. Alternatively, why not organise a romantic home-made dinner for two, followed by a sensual massage for your partner, who can return the favour once you are done. Stock up on some sweet-smelling massage oils or even a lube to heighten the sensations, and let one thing lead to another as you explore each other’s naked bodies!


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