Going on holiday with your significant other is a great way to break out of your normal sex routine. From exotic locations to weekend getaways, here are the best locations to enjoy holiday sex for a few days of sun, adventure and ultimate pleasure.

If it’s your first holiday together, then be sure to do your research and learn about the things you should know before booking those tickets.

Sex on the Beach

Enjoy the beautiful natural landscapes and soak in the sun with a romantic getaway to a tropical island. Whether it's the gorgeous Dominican Republic or the bustling beaches of Thailand, spending time on the beach can be a great place for you and your partner to indulge in a bit of recreational fun of your own.

Find a secluded spot behind an outcropping of rocks or sand dunes, lay down a towel (to keep the sand away from your private bits) and commune with nature. Alternatively, wait until nightfall and go for a skinny dip under the sparkling moonlight. For a condom designed to maximise sensitivity, use Durex® Invisible™ Condoms.

Poolside Sex

If you're looking to enjoy some one on one pleasure by the poolside, take a trip down to your hotel pool after dark for a night of fun. To ensure you have total privacy from prying guests, make sure to go during off-peak times as this will give you and your partner ample time to fool around.

If your hotel doesn't lock up the pool at night, why not slip off your swimsuits and enjoy some sexy time immersed in the water? For an added romantic bonus, why not kiss underneath your pool's mini waterfall if you can. However, if you're not in an aquatic mood, take advantage of the many lounge chairs they have around and get creative.

Balcony Sex

If you are hanging around your room or want to indulge in a quickie, maximise the space you have and turn up the risk factor by taking your intimate sessions to your hotel balcony. Walk out to your balcony in robes, ensuring you both are nude underneath. Discreetly let the sides fall apart as your partner enters you from behind, making it look unsuspecting for nosy onlookers. After all, you’re just gazing romantically into the distance.

Sex Outdoors

A great part of going on holiday is discovering the sights and smells of a new place. So why not incorporate your environment into your sexy adventure? Hike, drive or take public transportation to a location with a beautiful view. Whether it's a cliff-side overlooking the beach or a top view of a forested mountain, find a private spot that peers out at a gorgeous view. To turn up the pleasure factor, add a sensual lube to further help you enjoy your surroundings.

Car Sex

Escape the crowded resorts and take a ride to a remote location for a chance to enjoy some backseat action. Recreate the nostalgic lust with an upscale twist that is bound to create unforgettable memories between you and your partner. To cut down on any disturbances, park your car in an empty car park, behind some trees, or even on the side of the road for some spontaneous travelling action.

Hotel Sex

If you’ve opted for something a little luxurious for your holiday hotel room, it would be a shame to waste it. After all, a big bed and opulent bathroom just screams hotel sex, doesn’t it? Have a romantic night in, rather than splashing the cash and going out every night and let the mood take you. Just be careful, hotel walls are notoriously thin – if you get our not so subtle drift.

It's also worth bearing in mind that different countries across the globe have different rules when it comes to public displays of affection. Make sure you research your destination thoroughly so you know what to expect should you be caught out during your holiday rendezvous. If you are worried, then perhaps it’s best to just stick to the hotel room to avoid falling foul of the law.



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