A guide to giving good head…

Very few men will complain about getting a blowjob, no matter how unskilled you may think you are. As long as sharp fingernails, rough skin and teeth are all kept well away from the meat of the matter, you’re likely to get a welcome reception. However, there are ways to enhance your technique – and keep it fresh.

Keep Hydrated

First off, remember a good blowjob is as much about the hands as the mouth. Keeping everything well lubricated will help too. Keep a pint of water next to the bed to re-hydrate as you go, and invest in flavoured lube. Not only will it help your hands glide over him more easily but it will also make oral easier.

Use a Condom

Transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including gonorrhoea and syphilis is still a risk during oral sex so be sure to use a condom unless you’ve both been tested very recently. Even so, we'd recommend sticking to condom use just to be on the safe side. To make it feel as close to the real thing as possible for both you and him, be sure to buy an extra thin condom.

Vary Your Technique

Speed, depth and motion all make a difference to oral. Start slowly and gradually get faster, seeing which speed elicits the most favourable response. Porn tends to depict hard, fast blow jobs but a more sensual approach can go down well too and as we all know, pornography is full of myths. Some men enjoy it if you speed your movements as climax nears. Follow the motions of his hips to help you set the appropriate pace.

Tell your partner not to use his hands on your head (unless you like it, of course). If you set the pace it will be easier to ensure you’re comfortable. You can practice fellatio on a (washed) courgette to get used to the sensation if you’re worried about gagging. You could also try different positions – for example lying on the bed with your head over the edge and throat back will make deeper thrusting more comfortable.

And don’t forget to let your hands roam. Many men like their balls played with, some enjoy nipple stimulation and others like prostate play, but be sure to double check that this is something they're wanting and expecting. Vary the position to help you reach the bits that make him go ‘oh!’

Armed with these tips, you're sure to give him the oral sex of his life, and who knows, he might even return the favour.


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