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Does Penis Size Matter?


Does penis size matter? It’s an age-old concern that many might find themselves worrying about at some point in their life. Is my penis long enough? Is it wide enough? Will I be able to pleasure my partner if my penis is below average?

Finding honest answers to these questions can be quite difficult, but we are here to help. Before we get into the intricacies of penis size though, it’s important to note that penis size really doesn’t matter, it’s how you use what you’ve got that does!

What is the average male penis size?

In reality, the male penis comes in all shapes and sizes. According to BJU International, the average erect penis is 13.12 cm (5.16 in) with an average girth of 11.66 cm (4.59 in). Average flaccid length and girth are estimated to be 9.16 cm (3.6 in) and 9.31 cm (3.66 in) respectively.

Despite all the locker room comparisons, ZME science state that only 2.28% of the male global population have an abnormally small penis. Essentially, if you are around the 5 to 5.5 inch mark, you have an average sized penis, roughly speaking.

What size penis do women prefer?

People can get particularly hung up on penis size figures - especially less well-endowed men who believe (wrongly) that bigger is better. Some women do prefer deeper vaginal stimulation but that’s not the be-all and end-all.

According to medical news today, 36.6% of women surveyed said they needed clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm during sex and 36% said, although they didn’t need clitoral stimulation, it did enhance their experience.

This goes to show that length has less to do with sexual pleasure than you might expect. There’s also no evidence that larger penises give more pleasure during anal sex and in fact, in some instances, an abnormally large penis may cause more pain than pleasure during anal.


How to increase penis size naturally

Unfortunately, there is little evidence out there to suggest that penis size can be increased naturally. There are invasive, surgical options out there that can result in small size gains however, these typically come with high risks. Instead of worrying about penis size, you should instead focus on how to get the most of what you do have.

Do people feel below average sized penises inside them during penetration? They may. Sexual pleasure is about quality, not quantity. Foreplay, length of intercourse and erectile function are more important than any extra millimetres you might wish for.


Want to know more about all things sex? Head over to our Explore Sex blog where we discuss everything from how to talk dirty to the ins and outs of erectile dysfunction.



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