Enjoying Toys Together

Combining Durex toys and lube leads to heightened, enhanced pleasure…

Toys help you understand your body – and your partner’s too. So tune in to verbal and visual signals as you explore. Enjoy the experiene that they bring to your lovemaking, and follow the exciting new directions they take you.

The gentle touch

Something with a softer shape is a great way to start. Try Durex Endless Touch for stimulation with different sensual patterns and speeds. Move over the neck and the back of the knee. Listen to your partner’s breath; brush against the inner thigh. Your blood flow is stimulated when your skin feels extra-sensitive. The gentle, flexible material provides soft, sensual pleasure.

New pleasures

When ready, use the Durex Exciting Touch, discreet and lightweight and designed for new adventures and pleasure. Focus on stimulation and stroking. Put your hand over theirs to map their body, find sensitive parts and connect with them. Explore different sensations with your partner.

Explore sensitivity

After stimulating the erogenous zones, Durex Ultimate Thrill can enhance your lovemaking. Intensified vibrations create extra thrill, bringing you closer to climax. Durex Extreme Thrill has pulsing all through the shaft for intense pleasure that you can share.

Soft, sensual pleasure

Powerful massage vibrations offer extra sensory experience. Durex Pure Bliss has different pulse patterns to please your partner, while Durex Sensual Bliss has a curved velvet touch design to help you both discover hidden pleasures. Explore sensitive areas with lube and always with your partner in mind and bring new sensations to your relationship.


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