Essentials For Intimacy

For intimacy with your partner, try out a variety of different products to enhance your pleasure

It’s hard to choose from great Toys, Lubes and Condoms in the bedroom, so what are the absolute must-haves? Build your own collection of essentials for your bedside drawer so you’re ready for enhanced pleasure.


As well as providing protection, great Durex condoms help you to vary stimulation or change the pace. Durex Mutual Climax* is designed with Performa lubricant to slow him down, and external ribs and dots to speed her up, while Durex Tickle Me is ribbed, for an intense and close sensation. Durex Intimate Feel offers a tighter fit to enhance intimate moments.


By enhancing touch, smell and taste, lube can make intimate moments much more enjoyable. Keep two or three of your favourites nearby, so you can choose the right one depending on how you feel when you slip into bed. In a Cosmopolitan magazine survey, 89% of respondents said light and smooth Durex Play Feel had made sex more pleasurable.**

Massage gel

Having a massage gel on hand means if your partner is in the mood to spend time on you and that a sensual massage is arriving your way. Durex Play Massage 2 in 1 comes in a variety of types, and any of the Play gels will work well for your essentials kit. The applicator is designed for quick and easy access, so having a bottle within reach of your bed means you’re ready whenever the mood strikes.


Invigorate the body with Durex Pure Bliss: its powerful massage vibrations offer different speeds and sensual patterns. Durex Sensual Bliss has a curved velvet touch design to help you discover hidden bodily sensations. Trace across the body for shared pleasure.

Bullet Toy

If clitoral stimulation is important, it’s worth picking up Durex Thrilling Touch, which is small, discreet but powerful. Or there’s Durex Teasing Touch, to bring you further with its multiple pulse vibrations. Use with your partner to take you passion even further.

Ring toy

Provide stimulation for both of you with Durex Play Vibrations. It slips around the base of his penis, gently squeezing to increase his sensation. The small but powerful vibe positioned at the top stimulates just the right places when you’re together. Try out different positions while you’re using it to find the one that gives you both the best vibrations. When you’ve found the angle you enjoy the most, you’ll wonder why you weren’t using it before!

* Contains 5% Benzocaine – always read the instructions.



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