Get Closer With Massage

A warm, dimly lit room; a few flickering candles…

Erotic massage is the most powerful, sensual tool at your fingertips. From foot rubs and head massages, to nude full-body massage, gentle touch can be the ultimate way to seduce your partner.

First, set your scene: a warm, dimly lit room, plus a few flickering candles and soft, instrumental music. As people relax, so do their muscles – you’ll become more comfortable together.

Some massage oils can break condoms, so be wary of these. Instead, try a specifically designed lube such as Durex Play Sensual Massage, with the delicate scent of the Ylang Ylang flower to enhance your senses. If the mood takes you, and your massage becomes more than just gentle touch, there’s nothing to distract or concern you.

Smooth, circular strokes

Ask your partner to lie face down, warm the lube in your hands, sit astride them (but not on them), and focus your attention on the large muscles of their back, thighs, and buttocks. Begin with smooth, circular strikes alternating between fingertips and palms. Experiment with pressure and speed. Gently ease out tense areas by softly kneading the muscles using your knuckles for particularly tight areas.

Start to explore more sensual and erotic stroking. Trail a finger gently down the side of their neck, let your heavy breath exhale, and if you’re performing the massage nude, use your entire body. Slide your chest over their buttocks and back; brush across their shoulders and if you have long hair, allow it to tickle their neck. Massage the sides of the buttocks, which can store a lot of tension, and let your fingers stray to more intimate areas.

The more you experiment with your technique, the more likely you are to unlock new areas and experiences, and bring thrilling experiences with your hands.

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