There are certain sex positions that can give your muscles a better work out. With summer approaching who doesn’t want to get toned and what better way to do this than in the bedroom!


  • Match your partners rhythm to engage your core and glutes
  • Squeeze your buttocks to give yourself a good glute workout
  • It is also a great arm and ab workout as these are engaged whilst you’re on top



  • Your lower abs and pelvic muscles will be engaged as you move up and down
  • Press into your partner's abs and sides with your quads or calves. Those muscles will also be engaged along with your glutes and core
  • For a more intense workout that you will feel the next day, modify your position. Squat over your partner and move up and down. This will tone your butt, legs and hips



  • To begin with, face your partner and wrap both legs around your partner's waist as you move against each other. This will engage your core and upper legs
  • Standing on one leg will intensify this workout. Your leg muscles will be engaged to keep you upright, while your core steadies your balance.
  • If you and your partner are facing the same direction, your core and arms will be fully engaged as you brace a wall or headboard for a deep penetration



  • Start facing your partner and lift yourself upwards using all four of your limbs
  • Your buttocks, inner thigh muscles, biceps, triceps, abs, glutes, quads and calves should all be engaged, giving you a full body workout
  • For a more intense workout, start in a cowgirl position and work your way to the bridge



  • Sit on top of your partner with one leg planted in front of you and the other leg extended behind you in between their legs
  • This will work your quads, hamstrings, core and butt
  • Not only does this position tone your lower body but it works as a deep stabiliser for your inner and outer thighs and provides a great stretch to your back-leg’s hip flexors



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