Get in the Mood with the New Durex Condom Range

Ever wondered what your partner is feeling while you are having sex? Well, now you will know with the new ‘Get in the Mood’ colour changing condom range at Durex.

Sometimes it’s difficult to read your partner. You may not know what kind of mood they’re in when you’re ready to enjoy some sexual experiences together. We have invented a solution to make sure you always know if your partner is up for just a little bit of fun or a full night of passion.

Get in the Mood with the New Durex Condom Range

Get in the Mood condoms

Our condoms have been taken to the next level with this new innovation of being able to show your true emotions. Whether there are feelings of love, passion or lust, these condoms will adjust colours depending on your body heat to reveal how you really feel during sex.

When worn, the condom changes colour according to the wearer’s mood. Each colour represents a specific mood; white for when you’re feeling calm and relaxed or maybe light pink for when you’re feeling passionate and romantic.

And if you like to get a little warning before you ejaculate, the Get in the Mood condoms will change colour just before you do!

A colour chart of emotions

Our moods span across a wide range of emotions. Below is a list of the colours you may see our new condoms change to:

  • Bright pink represents nerves
  • White represents relaxation
  • Yellow represents lust
  • Light pink represents passion
  • Blue represents love

This condom pack comes with a colour chart for you to compare to the colour of the condom. So, now you will really know if your partner is feeling relaxed, passionate, nervous or full of lust!

Add a little fun to the bedroom

Of course, this is all a little bit of fun. As much as we think it’s important to talk about your emotions in the bedroom, do you really think it’s possible for our condoms to show you your true emotions? Absolutely not! Happy April Fool’s Day.