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Oral sex is one of the most pleasurable acts you can give your partner; but despite the orgasmic bliss it can bring, it also requires good technique. So whether you’re an oral novice or have mastered the art of pleasure, here are some exciting sex positions involving oral sex to help you spice things up in the bedroom.

The Boss Chair

Have your partner feel like the king of the castle with this naughty position that is sure to please. Whether you're both in the bedroom or decide to take the fun to your living room, have him sit either on the edge of the bed or the couch with his feet resting on the floor. Get on your knees and slowly look him in the eyes as you undo his pants and remove his boxers. Place both of your hands on the base of his penis as you lick up and down. Use your hands in an upward motion as you pleasure your partner and make sure to keep your eye gaze. If you want to spice things up a bit, bind his hands together before going down on him for the ultimate thrill.

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The Queen

Your man is not the only one who can delight in taking control. If you want to have total control over your partner and your pleasure, take the throne by sitting on your lover’s face. Start with your partner lying down on the bed comfortably as you kneel over his face. This position not only allows you to control the amount of pleasure you receive, it gives your partner the chance to satisfy all your needs with his tongue, lips, and fingers.

The Sidecar

If you both are looking for mutual pleasure this position is the perfect choice. Similar to the classic 69 position, begin by laying down on your side as your partner lays in the same position facing the opposite way. Both of your private regions should be positioned in each other’s face to make for easier access to joint stimulation. Not only is it a more relaxing way to please your partner, it allows you both to use vibrators or other sex toys to help further intensify the pleasure for an orgasmic bliss.

The Leg Up

Whether he enjoys drawing figure 8’s or likes to focus on your clitoris, this position is sure to please. Start by laying down on the edge of the bed with your legs slightly raised and spread apart. Your partner should be kneeling down in between your legs as he pleasures you. Receiving oral sex while laying down allows your partner to use his hands to help take the pressure of his mouth, while incorporating either a flavoured lube or sex toy to add further stimulation to the vulva or clitoris.

Deep Throat

If you want to explore the world of deep penetration, try this position that is sure to drive him wild. Begin by laying on the bed with your head hanging off the edge as his penis is line to your mouth. Your neck should be bent backwards as you insert his penis in your mouth. This position allows your throat to be relaxed as his you orally please your partner. The trick to getting this right, is the height requirement. If your partner is too tall, have him slightly squat to make sure that you two are both in a comfortable position. Your man is not the only one who can delight in taking control.

Try whichever of these creative sex positions takes your fancy and if you think a whole night of pleasure is worth a try, be sure to check out some super close sex positions that are sure to deepen the bond between you and your lover.

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