How A Healthy Heart Can Impact Your Sex Life

Heart disease can affect both male and females of all ages and backgrounds. The causes of heart disease can result from genetics, lifestyle choices, lack of exercise, poor diet, stress, amongst other things. Along with physical factors; physiological and emotional factors can also contribute to the disease. Here are a few tips on how to improve your heart health.

Lower medication (if possible)

Medications such as anti-depressants which can change your body’s response to the brain chemicals that affect your mood, high blood pressure medication and pain medication can lower your libido. Issues such as carrying extra pounds can help increase your blood pressure while decreasing your sex drive. To help curtail the amount of medication that you need to take, reduce your weight, exercise regularly, and eat a healthy diet.

Get enough shut eye

Sleep plays an important role in good health and your physical well-being. Getting quality sleep every night can protect your physical health, mental health and quality of life. However, inadequate sleep (less than 5-6 hours per night) can lead to weight gain, put you at risk for developing high blood pressure or worsening your pre-existing high blood pressure. Also, a lack of sleep can rear its ugly head in the bedroom. Not only will it leave you too tired to have sex, it can reduce your libido, making it harder for you to orgasm in bed when the time is right.

Reduce alcohol intake

A glass of wine after a long stressful day at work can help relax you; however, too much alcohol can negatively impact your sex drive. More than three glasses of wine during one sitting can cause a rise in your blood pressure. Continual binge drinking can steadily lead to long term increases in your blood pressure, which left untreated, can cause interference to your sex life. Whether its damaging the inner lining of your arteries or changing the circulatory patterns in the body that can decrease the flow of blood to the penis or vagina, a large alcohol consumption is not beneficial to the body.

If you are recovering from a heart attack or have another heart issue, normally you should avoid any sexual activity for up to four to six weeks as to avoid putting too much pressure on your chest during the first few weeks. There are a few activities you can do alone or with your partner to help relieve your anxiety and ease you back into intimacy. Whether you choose an atmosphere that is relaxing for you or want to slowly boost your confidence by caressing your partner with a massaging lube, find the perfect activity that works for you.

While sex is considered a moderate activity and should not affect your heart; if you have any concerns about intimacy, talk to your health care provider about your condition.

Sleep plays an important role in good health and your physical well-being.

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