How Exercise Can Improve Intimacy

It’s time to get physical…

You probably do a lot of little things to show each other your love. Perhaps you always pick up his favourite cereal at the grocery store, or he always fluffs your pillow just the way you like it. What you may not realise is that exercise is another great way to show your love in ways that are both physical and emotional.


There is no doubt that exercise is great for your body. Exercise is more than just toning your body. You can overall become stronger, healthier and more invigorated, which can help translate into a more intense and connected experience with your partner.


Exercise also helps relieve stress and increase confidence. When your body is moving, it allows your mind to process your thoughts with less effort. This lets you shed the stressors in your day so when you hit the sheets, your mind is free to be present with your partner.

It also doesn’t hurt that exercise can help provide a healthier perspective when you look in the mirror; confidence is sexy. When you’re feeling confident, you are more likely to be engaged in the intimate moments with your partner.

How Exercise Can Improve Intimacy


Exercise can both elevate and stabilise your mood, making you more emotionally agile. In everyday speak, this means you’re more emotionally balanced and can better build trust and intimacy in your relationship. Think about it: when your mood is stable and steady, you’re less likely to argue over little things and more likely to spend quality time with your partner.

And, when you need to discuss something that’s concerning you, you are more likely to be calm and rational instead of overly emotional about it. Quality time could include anything from watching movies to lightly caressing one another to having deep, emotional conversations.

Working Out Together

Sharing time with your partner is important, especially when that time is spent doing things that make both of you feel good and accentuate the positive aspects of your relationship. Working out with your partner as a team is one way to spend quality time together.

Also, a reward for working out together could be giving each other a massage when you are finished. Not only will you relieve stress stored in the muscles, which aids in muscle recovery, you will also create a new experience that only the two of you will share.

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