Remember the days when you and your partner couldn’t wait to get each other’s clothes off? Nice wasn’t it? As your relationship grows, the importance of sex can sometimes, and naturally, get overlooked – but it shouldn’t.

If you are looking to spice things up in the bedroom then these six tips will ensure sex with your long term lover is as exciting as the first time you got together.

1. Make an effort and look after yourself

One of the biggest culprits of a waning sex life is a lack of effort on either or both sides. When you first met, how much time did you put into your appearance? Compare that with how much time and effort you make now.

Making yourself look and feel great is the first step towards achieving great sex. It’s not all about pleasing your partner though – you’ll be amazed at what the confidence boost will do to your own sex drive.

2. Rediscover the art of foreplay

Foreplay is often skipped when you’re in a long-term relationship due to busy schedules and the guilt of spending too much time in bed, but this is a huge mistake. Foreplay is an extremely important part of sex.

Not only does it increase sexual pleasure but it also helps you build a more intimate relationship with your partner. Slow down, take your time and have fun rediscovering each other’s bodies. Why not experiment with Durex Play Tingling Lube to heat things up even more?

3. Try something new

There are hundreds of different sex positions you can try out, but many couples fall into a routine and stick with the same positions every time but. By experimenting you could increase the passion and enjoyment.

Always discuss any new positions you want to try with your partner first though to ensure you’re both on the same page and don’t take them by surprise in the bedroom.

How To Have Great Sex Every Time With Your Long Term Lover

4. Enjoy a little role play

Role play isn’t for everyone but it can often make sex more enjoyable for the right couple. It combines fantasy and reality and there are a lot of different costumes you can buy to help enhance role playing.

Be sure to sit down with your partner and talk about your fantasies first, before you take them to the bedroom. Make sure it’s in a place where you’re both at ease, so you’re on a level playing field; you need to be sure they are completely on board with your role-playing ideas and that they will find it as arousing as you.

5. Be spontaneous

A strong routine is great for some things but your sex life isn’t one of them. It is important to mix it up and be spontaneous – but this means more than just trying out new positions.

It is also a good idea to try out different times and places for your sexual encounters. When you look at any relationship advice surrounding sex, you’ll see spontaneity often comes high up on the list so don’t let your sex life fall victim to routine and act on your impulses.

6. Give and you shall receive

You’ve likely heard the old saying ‘give and you shall receive’ and it is especially true in the bedroom. Not everyone loves giving oral sex but your sex life it isn’t all about you.

Focusing on your partner’s needs instead of your own will bring numerous rewards so don’t be afraid to give a little more every now and again – your partner will definitely appreciate it and you never know what you might receive in return!

A great and healthy sex life can really strengthen the love and bond between you and your partner and help you embrace the art of seduction to improve your confidence and enjoy lots of great sex together for years to come.

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