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How To Have The Best Holiday Sex Ever


Sex with your partner should always be great… but when you’re on holiday, a little extra magic can be thrown in!

To make sure you get the most out of your special “alone time”, here are our top tips for great sex while on holiday…

Take the opportunity to experiment

Holidays are the perfect times to try new things and enjoy new experiences, so why not experiment in the bedroom? You can start small by trialling some new sex positions or go all the way by adding sex toys to your antics. Whatever you decide, take it slow and enjoy discovering new things. Our Outdoor Fun pleasure set is perfect for discovering new ways to play!

If you intend to bring vibrators, cock rings or other toys into your lovemaking then make sure you discuss it with your partner first too. You must both be comfortable with what you intend to do and should discuss the boundaries that you have.

Make the most of foreign flavours

Foreplay is an important part of lovemaking and for many couples it may involve oral sex. If you are put off from this activity by the taste then make the most of foreign flavours and see how different foods can make things taste a little sweet down under.

Women should try eating strawberries, kiwi fruit and vanilla ice-cream – you can even get your partner to feed it to you to really amp up the sexual tension – while men should chow down on pineapple to give themselves a sweeter taste.

Get out of your home routine

When you’re at home it can be easy to slip into a routine with your sex. The various work and life commitments you have are bound to take their toll but this shouldn’t be the same when on holiday.

Instead, you should make the most of your time away together to enjoy some spontaneity. You’re on your own timescale now and that means no pesky commitments to get in the way of your alone time.

Take things slow and remember to savour every experience and feeling. Be impulsive by enjoying sex in the shower or in the middle of the day when returning to your hotel room for a rest. Giving your lover something to think about and heightening their arousal can also lead to better sex so leave some sexy lingerie hanging in your room or send a saucy picture of you in the bathroom.

If you’re out for dinner and feeling brave then slip off to the bathroom and go commando by removing your knickers. Return to your table and slip your undies to your partner and watch them struggle to contain themselves through the rest of the course.

Get to know each other intimately

Finally, make the most of your time alone together without distractions by getting to know each other intimately.

Spend your time exploring one and other’s bodies with your hands, tongues and lips and consider how other textures can heighten your arousal and passion – running a soft feather along your partner’s body, for example, can leave them begging for more.

Ask each other what you want to do to them and remember that lovemaking is as much emotional and mental as it is physical so exciting the mind will lead to better sexual experiences.

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