How to Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work

Starting the next chapter in your life and moving away to university can be a big step for anyone but moving away from your partner is huge and can be very testing.

You may be thinking this will ‘make or break’ your relationship, or you may have others telling you it won’t last, but this isn’t always the case - if you both love each other, then it’s worth the effort. Durex are here to help with long distance relationship advice and if you follow our tips then your relationship whilst at university will work just fine.  

Young woman blowing a kiss through the computer to her partner

Stay Connected

In today’s society we have a huge advantage because we have so many ways to keep connected and we have technology to thank for this. Gone are the days of writing letters and taking days to receive a reply, we now have texting, phone calls and even FaceTime - there are so many easy and convenient ways to contact your significant other.

Making sure you keep the communication flowing is highly important, if you don’t take the time to keep in contact, it’s more likely you’ll lose touch. Take the time to send a good morning and good night text, have a daily phone call or FaceTime so you can catch up and share details on each other’s day, or why not send teasing photos to keep the spark alive and the sexual desire going. Communicating daily will make you feel connected to each other and that’s what you need when living apart.

Commitment, Honesty and Trust

Staying committed to each other is key. Doing the above contributes to this as you’re both willing to make time for each other over the phone, but make sure you plan when you’re next going to visit each other. If you always plan the next trip, you’ll always have something to look forward to.

Another thing to take note of: are you are planning what happens next? After you’ve finished university are you planning on moving back home? Or are you planning on moving in together, or maybe travelling together? Planning your next move in your relationship is good as it gives you both a goal to work towards, and after all, if there’s no plans for the future then what’s the point?

Honesty is the best policy. Always. We all know telling the truth may not be easy to do but it is the safest option. Even if the truth may hurt, if you lie and the truth comes out further along the line, it will only cut deeper. 

There’s no relationship without trust. For your long-distance relationship to work whilst one or both of you are at university you must be able to trust each other. Don’t sit at home worrying about what they’re doing, constantly bugging them or not giving them enough space, and don’t jump to conclusions.

Trusting your partner means trusting your relationship. If you trust them enough to commit yourself to them, this will have a positive outcome and make you feel secure within your relationship.

Make Plenty of Plans

When living away from your significant other it’s always good to have something to be excited for. Start planning next year’s holiday, birthday celebrations, or a weekend away somewhere.

When you organise your next visit to see each other, make plenty of fun plans. Decide what you’re going to do, where you’re going to go and find new places to discover. Arrange a romantic date night, or why not purchase a sex toy from Durex and look forward to a night under the sheets. Living away from home can leave you struggling with money so dating on a budget is very important. Making sure you have something to look forward to makes the long distance all worthwhile. 

Phone Sex

Sex is not just a physical need, but an emotional one too and staying physically intimate whilst in a long-distance relationship is challenging but staying physically connected doesn’t have to be.

Whether its sexting or talking on the phone, phone sex will help you keep that sexual desire for each other and stop you from drifting apart. If you struggle with sexting then read our top tips on sexting so you can up your confidence.

Hearing your partner moan from complete pleasure over your words is perfect for creating that intimate connection whilst living away from each other. Phone sex is a great way to learn, experiment and tease your partner from afar. If you know you’re going to have phone sex make sure you set the mood and create an atmosphere that will make you both feel comfortable, relaxed and less inhibited.

Have Confidence

To follow the above points, you must have confidence in yourself and your relationship. Having a lack of confidence in your relationship or your partner can lead to excessive calls and texts for the wrong reasons, incorrect assumptions and unnecessary tension between you both which will only drive you apart.

If you’re feeling worried then talk to your partner and express your feelings, they’re there to listen to you and re-assure you. You may struggle at first as you are both coming to terms with this change in your life, but once the confidence kicks in, you’ll be sure to feel comfortable and secure, and everything else will flow naturally.   

Moving to university and moving away from your partner can be very challenging, but if you can live away from each other for 3 years or even more that’s pretty impressive. It shows you both trust each other and your relationship, and you both care enough to put in the effort to make it work. Following all the above tips, your relationship will work just fine throughout your time at university and you’ll be back together in no time.