How to Score in the Bedroom

As the world cup falls upon us, it’s time to look at what really gives us a kick. Sure, football is great – but have you tried sex?! From great sex positions to the best way to incorporate sex toys, follow our top tips here at Durex and you’ll be scoring more than goals this summer!

Time to warm up

Sex and football are quite similar in a sense. They both involve getting sweaty, a little rough and ready, and always require a warm up. Therefore, you should never just go diving in for the final goal without doing a few kick-ups first.

Partaking in foreplay with your sexual partner allows you to explore each other’s bodies, find out what you both like and dislike, and prepare each other for sex.

Start off by gently planting kisses right from their ear lobe and then work your way right down to the pubic region. Kiss them around the hip bone and lower stomach teasing them, before reaching the genitals. This is also a great time to introduce a lubricant such as Durex Tingling Gel Lube for even more intense sensations.

woman wearing shorts holding a football

 Get in Position

Being successful in sport means knowing your position and game plan, and the same rules apply with sex. The correct position can mean the difference between a fun time and a mind-blowing orgasm – check out our variety of best sex positions for football lovers who want to score big:

Bicycle Kick – This is basically the missionary position, but with a little bit more oomph for deeper penetration. Get into the basic missionary position with the man on top, and once he is inside, lift the woman’s legs so that they are elevated and resting on the man’s shoulders. For added comfort and support on the pelvis, add a pillow under your partners lower back. This position allows the man to be in control of depth and speed and can really help him be a top scorer!

The Nutmeg – The nutmeg is formally a sports position known for passing a ball through an opponent’s legs. To do this sex position (otherwise known as the bridge), the same ‘going through the legs’ rules apply.

For this position start off in the missionary position, with the woman’s legs narrower than usual at each side of the mans legs. Once the man is inside, the women should squeeze her buttocks and lift her hips off the bed so that she’s raised up high. The man can hold her for extra support, and this also gives him a lot more control with deeper penetration. Not only does this position feel great, but it’s also a great yoga position designed to strengthen the pelvic floor – winner!

Man On (top) – There are plenty of sex positions which include the man on top – but doggy style definitely has to be a national favourite. This position consists of the female on all fours, with her legs spread apart.

The man would then kneel down close behind and enter her from behind, gripping her waist for additional support. This position allows deep penetration to reach the G-spot, but also allows him a free hand to reach around to stimulate the clitoris at the same time using his hands or a vibrator. This position will have you both going wild and adding a sex toy into the bedroom can make it a hell of a lot more fun.

Own Goal – Sometimes you might not want to watch the footy whilst your partner is watching it down at the local pub – that’s okay! This sex position is for those flying solo, who still want to revel in the big ‘O’ when at home alone. I don’t think we really need to specify how to do this one, but you can read all about how masturbation can improve your sex life here!

Wear Protection

And we’re not just talking shin pads! After Iceland’s biggest football victory in the Euro 2016, there followed a rumour about a record-breaking baby boom – we wonder how they decided to celebrate…

To avoid another supposing increase in unplanned pregnancies for this year’s World Cup 2018, be sure you have a condom to hand! With our range of textured condoms here at Durex, our condoms are more than just protection.

So, guys (and girls! we’re not one to stereotype here) – we understand that the world cup is a pretty big deal, but we definitely know which balls we’d rather be playing with!