As the Euro 2020 football tournament approaches, we’d like to suggest a few other ways you can get your kicks this summer. Follow our top tips and, no matter how much you like football, this tournament could be one to remember for you for other reasons!

The warm-up

Sex and football have a lot in common. They both involve a range of positions, getting physical, lots of creativity, a bit of sweating and a good warm-up before the action kicks off.

Just like star athletes, everyone needs a good warm up before getting into it, so indulging in one or two foreplay positions with your partner gives you the chance to get to know each other’s bodies, find out what you both like and also stretch one or two important muscles.

Start off by gently planting kisses on the ear lobe and then work your way down to more intimate areas. This is also a great time to bring a lubricant such as Durex Tingling Gel Lube into play for even more intense sensations.

woman wearing shorts holding a football

Winning moves

To be successful on the pitch, you need a strong game plan and the same goes for sex. Here are some of the best sex positions that you might want to introduce to your game:

[H3] Bicycle Kick [H3]

Otherwise known as Ankles Up! Get your partner to lie on their back and then move in on top of them for an interesting twist on the missionary sex position. Once you’re inside, lift their legs until their legs are resting on your shoulders. Play with the angle of penetration with a pillow under the back or hips. This position puts you in control of the game, dictating the depth and speed of the action.

[H3] The Nutmeg[H3]

Outside of football circles, this position is known as the bridge. Ask your partner to lie on their back with legs bent and knees apart and the soles of their feet flat on the bed. They can then push their weight into their heels, lifting their hips up to make an arch shape with their upper back resting on the bed. This allows you to kneel between their legs and penetrate deeply, while supporting their hips with your hands.

[H3] Close marking [H3]

A tried-and-tested classic, doggy style sex is a go-to for many, as the position naturally lends itself to deeper penetration. As you enter your partner from behind, your hands will be freed up for a bit of manual stimulation. You can add to the excitement by using ribbed and dotted condoms or sex toys, such as a cock ring.

[H3] Own Goal [H3]

It’s hard to believe, but not everyone’s into football. If your partner’s out watching the game down at the local pub, that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun on your own with a bit of hands-on action at home. There are no rules with this one – whatever turns you on. But if you’d like some inspiration, you can read all about how masturbation can improve your sex life here.

Strong defence

After Iceland’s success in the Euro 2016 tournament, there were reports about a record-breaking baby boom in the country!

So, if your team makes it all the way through to the final, make sure you have plenty of condoms on hand for your celebrations and to avoid any unplanned pregnancies during Euro 2020, as you try out these different sex positions.


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