One of the most important pieces of relationship and sex advice a couple can be given is to master the act of kissing. If a couple enjoy steamy and passionate kissing sessions, this is guaranteed to improve not only their sex life, but their emotional bond too.

Although kissing should come naturally, and not be too contrived, there are various additional techniques to try out next time you are in a passionate embrace with your partner, which are sure to turn up the heat, and leave you both longing for more.

Here are our top 4 tips to try out…

Master the art of eye contact

We all know how romantic and sexy it can be to maintain eye contact with our partner during sex, and the same result can be achieved during a passionate kiss too. Many people find prolonged eye contact embarrassing or intimidating, however, once you have gotten over the initial fear, the benefits can far outweigh the worry. This technique will only work if both partners are on board, so next time you are kissing your partner, try whispering ‘I want to look into your eyes’ in their ear so they know your intentions, and so you can lock a mutual gaze to heighten the intensity of your kiss.

Don’t just stick to the lips

Once you are embraced in a kiss, with lips touching and tongues meeting, keep in this rhythm for a while, as you build up some momentum. Then when the time feels right, move your lips to your partner’s bottom lip only, then to their cheek, then ear, and finally neck area. Use gently, sensual kissing movements to stimulate the various erogenous points, before slowly working your way back to their lips. Don’t do this every time you kiss, or your partner will come to expect it; instead save it for special times, when you want to stimulate your partner, and get them especially excited.

Use your hands too

An amazing kiss is way more than what just happens at the lips. Your body language and what you do with the rest of your body is also vitally important. As you kiss your partner, use your hands to explore their face, their hair and their shoulders, making sure everything you do is subtle and gentle. As the kiss intensifies, move your hands lower down their body, gently caressing their chest, breasts and waist. Providing you are in an environment which is private and comfortable, your partner is sure to appreciate the additional contact, and is bound to be turned on in an instant.

Add some flavour

We all know about the importance of preparation when it comes to kissing. Mouthwash, chewing gum and dental floss are all hygienic options to make sure the act is enjoyable for your partner, however, there are also other options you could incorporate to flavour things up a little. Try taking a fresh strawberry in your mouth and passing it over to your partner during your kiss, or a swirl of melted dark chocolate on your tongue to add a rich intensity to your embrace.

Experiment with temperatures too for different results – a cold scoop of sorbet, or a warm mouthful of milky cocoa could all be enjoyable, providing you and your partner share the same taste!

If a couple enjoy steamy and passionate kissing sessions, this is guaranteed to improve not only their sex life, but their emotional bond too.

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