How To Survive Your First Holiday Together

Being in a new relationship is an incredibly exciting time for both parties but it’s also one that comes with its own set of challenges. One of those is going on your first holiday together.

Not only do you have to choose a location you both agree on, but you’ll both learn things about each other you may not have known previously. With that in mind, we’ve put together some top tips on pre-holiday prep, where to go and how to act on your first adventure together.

Work on Your Summer Body

Sex as Exercise

Essentially, sex is a form of exercise. It works out various muscles, improves your core strength and certainly works up a sweat, but there are other health benefits too. Research has suggested that regular sex can help everything from your immune system to bladder control in women (thanks to contraction of the pelvic floor). It can also lower your blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart attack and even lessen feelings of pain thanks to the release of hormones.

In men, sex has been suggested as one factor that might reduce the risk of prostate cancer while more general benefits include improved sleeping habits and stress relief. With regards to exercise, sex burns an average of five calories for each minute beneath the sheets and can count as a decent workout by using various muscles and raising your heart rate.

Thanks to the multitude of health benefits offered by sex, you can actually use the activity to improve your summer body. This is one for both the men and the women and as always how much you get out of it will depend on what you put in!

  • Play sex games – this will not only enhance the enjoyment of your lovemaking, but it can also help you work up more of a sweat. You might use more muscles than normal too.
  • Choose your positions wisely – if there is an area of your body that you want to tone up then look for exciting sex positions that work those muscles.
  • Don’t forget foreplay – making your encounters last for as long as possible will not only give you more enjoyment and greater chance of orgasms but it will burn more calories.
  • Make sure you achieve orgasm – a lot of relationship advice will tell you about the importance of mutual orgasms during sex, but it can also help with your health goals.

Start Small

The first piece of relationship advice to follow is to make sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew with your first holiday. This is your first trip together so take it easy and book a short break (such as a lovely long weekend) rather than a one or two-week marathon. You might also want to pick a location fairly close to home to make travelling there less stressful. After all, nothing will get your holiday off to a worse start than a long-drawn-out journey and tiring jet lag.

Couple running along a beach

Choose the Right Location

Choosing where to go on holiday is more than just picking a location that’s easy to travel to, you’ll also want to think of a destination that is fair on both of you. Try and pick a place that is either familiar or new to both of you so that one person doesn’t have an advantage or be tempted to take too much control.

You should also avoid any holidays that involve staying with one of your families or friends – this may be a good way to save money, but it could place unnecessary pressure on your first holiday together, and it will be more romantic to just have the time to yourselves. Italy is an incredibly romantic holiday destination that’s filled with culture, countryside and beaches. We’ve put together a list of Italy’s top romantic hidden beaches away from prying eyes with help from Helen Warwick, Deputy Editor of National Geographic Traveller.

Parco Naturale della Maremma, Tuscany

Stripping off in public? You and your lover will be gagging to throw off your towels at this patch of beach, which is at its most envy-inducing between the little port town of Talamone and the Ombrone estuary. Crowds are typically non-existent, and clothes are optional. The azure waters will make you swoon and dining al fresco besides a secluded cove is the ideal way to further ignite some passion with your lover.

Capo Passero, Sicily

Fall for the beach that fringes the sleepy village of Portopalo di Capo Passero on the southern coast of Sicily in one fell swoop. There’s sand as fine as flour, secret coves for passionate encounters, and sunsets that’ll leave you feeling hot with emotion. If it’s Instagram-worthy views you’re after, then swing by, towel in hand, for pristine sunshine, exceptional seafood dishes and not a soul in sight. Perfect for some al-fresco fun if you are feeling frisky.

Cala Gonone, Sardinia

When it comes to beaches in the Med worthy of a ‘sexiness’ award, Sardinia blows all else out the water. Take refuge from the buzz and plot a course to one of the secluded stretches of sand lacing this seaside town on the undeveloped east coast. Feeling relaxed already? Take a languid lunch together in between snorkelling pit stops and throw your bikini top to one side — tan lines are so over-rated anyway!

Egadi Islands

Switch off your phone and your tablet. You won’t give a second thought to the outside world while pottering hand-in-hand around this sleepy archipelago just off the coast of Sicily. With seriously clear sea that’d make the Caribbean blush, it’s got bucket-loads of remote island charm. Almost-deserted beaches? Check. Roads blissfully free from traffic? Check. Sea caves and grottoes. Check. It doesn’t get much more romantic than this.

Be Flexible

While it might be a good idea to have a rough plan of what you’ll do and the things you want to try whilst on holiday it is important that you’re not too rigid with your plans. Outlining a strict itinerary will make the holiday feel restrictive and this is unlikely to ignite any feelings of spontaneity or passion.

Scrap the itinerary and treat each day as it comes. Decide what you want to do each morning and keep your plans fairly loose to allow for joint spare-of-the-moment decisions.

Prepare to Argue

No matter how much you care about each other, you are going to probably going to argue while on holiday, or at least have moments where there is tension. This isn’t necessarily a bad sign and is actually a healthy part of any relationship. The important thing is to make sure that you don’t let one argument ruin your entire holiday so learn to let things go quickly and apologise when necessary.

Don’t Let Money Spoil Your Trip

Although you shouldn’t plan your holiday rigidly you should have a bit of an idea of your budget, and how much you plan to spend. Money is one of the biggest causes of tension, so make sure you set a clear boundary on the amount of money you intend to spend and then keep a small amount to one side for emergencies. Don’t make it a talking point of the holiday but make it clear before you go on the trip how you plan to split the cost with your lover, i.e. if you are going 50/50 on everything, as this will save a lot of awkward tension when you arrive.

Enjoy Great Holiday Sex!

The final of our tips for couples on their first holiday is to make the most out of this time you have alone together in this new and exciting place and use it as an opportunity to spice things up in the bedroom (or out of the bedroom!) This is your chance to get away from everyday stress, work and all distractions, so just enjoy each other – don’t waste the opportunity!

Many couples end up having great sex while on holiday, and that is because they are much more relaxed and not under pressure to perform. Whether it’s a beach holiday or city break, the warmer summer weather combined with experiencing new food and culture is bound to ignite some holiday passion.

Make sure you are equipped on your trip with plenty of supplies, including condoms,lubes and any sex toys you might have decided to try, as you may find these hard to find in a foreign environment. With some great couple’s sex toys too, you can be sure of a night of absolute passion in your foreign land.

Take your foot off the gas and enjoy a trip of love and lust with your loved one this holiday…

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