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Isn't It Time We Challenge Sexpectations?


Cause let’s be honest, why do we conform? Behind the messages of love and sex, sometimes it’s not as good as we expect

Isn't it time we challenge sexual norms? For too long there has been a stigma around many facets of the sex discussion.

The truth is, there are many hard facts about sex that are simply not being addressed in the conversation. Sex can be incredible, it can enrichen our lives, improve our mood and solidify our love for our partners. But it can also be awkward, underwhelming, disappointing and, in certain cases, an uncomfortable experience.


2/3 of us are not fully satisfied with our sex lives 


Told I need to moan like that. I should look like this. Swipe left, double tap. The perfect profile pic 

In the age of Tinder and Grinder, it is so easy for us to get swept up in the cavalcade of fast sex. These environments reduce sex to a stereotype – find someone you are attracted to, swipe right, meet up, have sex and move on. Why does it have to be this way?

We’re all under pressure and enough is enough 

Sex isn’t a single concept, sex can mean whatever you want it to mean, we want you to explore sex the way YOU want to explore it. Go at your own speed; if you’re having sex, find what works and what doesn’t work for you, if you’re not having sex, you should still be warmly welcomed to the discussion.

Worry less about how it ‘should’ look. Celebrate how it can feel 

It’s time we opened the sex conversation to those who aren’t represented. In the age of social media, it needs to be inclusive, progressive and welcoming to all.

Whether you’re bisexual, gay, straight, pansexual, we want you to stop worrying about how sex should look and start talking about the sex issues that are important to you as a unique individual.


71% of guys use porn as their inspiration for their sex life


Where porn’s not the norm, and STDs are kinda real. Women aren’t judged too quick. Guys aren’t judged too quick. Guys aren’t told they need a big **** 

Porn is everywhere, this can be problematic. For too long the culture around sex has been focused on a world of fantasy where only archetypal beauty, big boobs and big penises are welcome. In the bedroom, the reality of sex is a whole different ball game.


1 in 2 of us have been tested for STDs


From the first time, to “no not this time”. Throw out definitions & let go of traditions

We need to break down norms, shatter taboos and open the discussion to all. Sex is a beautiful thing, but misinformation can lead to harm, both physical and emotional. Only by having the discussions that aren’t being had will we open the floor to all and truly change the landscape of real sex.


1/3 of us don’t identify as straight


You do you. Or he, she, them, they, us & we. Love is love no matter orientation 

The myths surrounding sex need to be challenged, we grow up hearing baseless statistics around sexuality.

1 in 3 of us don’t identify as straight, sexuality is a spectrum and it’s time we talked about it. 2 out of 3 of us aren’t happy with our sex lives, let’s challenge sexual norms and explore how we can change this. 1 in 2 of us haven’t been tested for STDs, we all need to look in the mirror and ask ourselves why?

Let’s make sex in 2020 about everyone, let’s break down norms, let’s tackle the taboos, let’s promote inclusivity but most importantly, let’s shatter sexpectations.

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