Are you looking to spice up your sex life? Everyone’s sex life and habits are different, but sometimes our lack of sexual desire can cause frustration, dissatisfaction and friction in a relationship. Luckily, there are ways to improve your sex life that will have you rushing to the bedroom in no time! Read all about our top lifestyle hacks for a better sex life here at Durex.

Lifestyle Hacks to Give You That Oomph

Get the Right Amount of Sleep

Getting the amount of sleep that your body needs can improve your sex life. Getting a good night’s sleep is important for many reasons; it has been shown to improve mood, energy, concentration, sexual desire and arousal. Fatigue causes lack of performance and concentration in our day to day lives, and this is reflected in the bedroom too.

If you find yourself struggling to get the right amount of sleep the night before, but still want the energy to get intimate with your partner the next day - why not try our Naugh-tea from our newest Durex Infusions range? Naugh-tea contains the perfect amount of ingredients to give you that extra boost. So, what are you waiting for? Unleash your inner animal!

Connect with Your Partner Emotionally

Having great sex isn’t all just down to physical attraction and endurance. Ensuring that you have an emotional connection with your partner is just as important when it comes to some fantastic love making. The better connected you are to your partner emotionally, the more confident you feel telling them what turns you on and what doesn’t. If you want to be more confident, our newest Flir-tea is a great way to boost your confidence. This delicately flavoured tea can create the ultimate confidence booster. You’ll soon discover the impact that confidence in the bedroom has and wish you had acted on it sooner! Get lowering your inhibitions with Flir-tea.

There are plenty of food groups that can stimulate your libido, such as the popular aphrodisiacs – oysters, hot chillies and chocolate to name a few.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Sex does require some form of energy and stamina. If you are struggling with your weight, the thought of throwing your partner around the bedroom might make you feel out of breath before you’ve even started. Maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle can also give you more confidence when it comes to stripping down between the sheets. The better you feel about your body, the more you’ll want to show it off to your partner. The easier it is getting naked with your partner = more time having great sex. It’s a no brainer, right?


Like most things, a repetition of activity can become mundane and boring. Sex however, is an important aspect in a relationship and it’s important to continuously experiment with new techniques, positions and toys to keep things fresh. You should be confident enough with your partner to suggest when you want to mix it up and try something new. A great way to introduce some fun into the bedroom is through our Durex pleasure sets. Discover a variety of sex toys and sensual lubes to add some excitement between the sheets.

Drink Your Tea

There are plenty of food groups that can stimulate your libido, such as the popular aphrodisiacs – oysters, hot chillies and chocolate to name a few (Cosmopolitan, 2017). However, the product and beverage that’s on our mind is our Durex Infusions tea.

If you find yourself with a low libido, our Lus-tea is the perfect brew for you. Lus-tea contains with them stimulants that elicit excitement and a sense of well-being, as well as increase blood and oxygen flow to the genitals. Our Lus-tea can be consumed by itself to bring that spark back into the bedroom, or you can drink it alongside the rest of our range to increase both confidence and energy for an all-round toe-tingling experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Go put the kettle on…

Don’t you wish these teas were the real deal? Unfortunately, our Durex Infusions range is all part of our April Fools, so for even greater sex you’ll have to put your trust in the rest of our Durex range (our Durex Intense Gel is the real deal and can help create earth-shattering orgasms).


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