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Gay Sex Basics…


There’s no golden rule of gay sex, any more than there is with straight sex. Everyone has their own desires. However, understanding the basics will help ensure you have the most satisfying time ever.

Don’t Assume

Many people automatically equate gay sex with anal sex but not everyone who is gay enjoys it (and indeed, many straight people do enjoy it). Sexuality is no indication of specific sexual preferences. Always ask a partner what they’re into rather than thinking they’ll enjoy the same things that you do.

Be Safe

Oral transmission of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s) is on the increase, including gonorrhea and syphilis, so condoms aren’t just for anal sex. Stock up on flavoured condoms as well as extra safe to make sure you’re fully equipped.

Be Sexy

There’s no need for condoms to be boring. Try putting one on with your mouth, or using one hand to caress your man’s balls while the other slips the condom in place.

Be Secure

Penises vary in size and shape but if you compare yourself to your partner, it’s unlikely to lead to a fun time in bed. Whether you’re bigger or smaller than your lover doesn’t matter: it’s the fun you can have together that counts.

Be Confident

If a guy tries to insist on barebacking, tell him no glove, no love.

Use Lube

Great for massage and hand jobs, lube is also essential if you want to explore anal play.

Explore Techniques

Just because you like something, it doesn’t mean a lover will. Try different oral techniques and ways of using your hands to pleasure your lover.

Masturbate Together

That way you’ll see what you both enjoy.

Know Your Limits

Sex isn’t about endurance. If a partner is too big for you, don’t feel obliged to take it all. Go on top during sex, and use your hand during oral to control the depth of penetration.

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