Fire up the imagination with new moves. Find a different place to share your passion, or introduce exciting Durex toys. Explore different places – even missionary can feel adventurous if you’re astride the kitchen table. Furniture can enable you to hit new spots. Try looking at yourselves in the mirror to intensify the experience.

Or use your pillow for deeper penetration. Place it under the woman’s hips or buttocks during missionary position, or under her chest if you’re entering from behind. It gives her more stability to push back from. And when she’s on top, a cushion placed under the man’s hips will help him aim for the G-spot.

Arousing and tingling

Then try different rhythms, such as three long thrusts and three shallow ones, or ten teasing ones then five deep ones. Then use a pleasure ring such as multi-speed, vibrating Durex Play Little Devil, which keeps a man’s erection stronger for longer. Using Durex Play Delight on the woman’s clitoris can help make it much easier for the woman to climax, especially from behind.

Durex Embrace Pleasure Gels are ideal for couples, with one ‘For Me’ that’s silky with a warming sensation, and one ‘For You’, which is arousing and tingling. Bring a new dimension to your lovemaking. Or there are great lubes such as Durex Play Warming for gentle warmth. Bring in some aromas for added sensation, such as deliciously fruity Durex Play Very Cherry and intimate Durex Sweet Strawberry. Or silicon-based gels such as Durex Play Perfect Glide last longer than water-based versions – just don’t use them with toys or condoms.

For the ultimate in togetherness, Durex Mutual Climax condoms* are designed to slow him down and speed her up. They’re aimed to bring you to climax in unison for one heightened, shared experience.

*Contains 5% benzocaine. Always read the label.

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