New Year's Resolution Every Couple Should Make Together

Bringing in 2017 can be an exciting time in your relationship. Whether you’ve been in a relationship for a lengthy amount of time or you’re just starting out; creating goals for you and your partner can help you stick to your promises this year.

From short-term goals to long-term plans, here is a list of New Year’s Resolution that you and your partner can make in 2017 to strengthen your relationship all year long:

Limit technology

If you both are spending time with each other, limit your use of technology. Whether it’s browsing social media accounts or using your phone to check in with friends, spending time on your phone can take away from your relationship. Make sure to set out time where you and your partner can be phone free without any distractions. Whether you’re having date night in or just spending time with your partner, put your phone on vibrate and turn off your laptop for an enjoyable night.

New Year's Resolution Every Couple Should Make Together

Sweat together

Whether you decide to go to the gym, run around your local park, or go on a bike ride; maintaining an active lifestyle can help you both stay fit while improving your relationship. Not only will you be able to motivate and push each other (increasing trust and intimacy), but keeping active can reap so many benefits for you both as a couple. So if you want to enjoy a healthy sex life and add a fun twist to your workout routine, keeping active together is the perfect way to go

Try new things

A new year is a chance for you and your partner to try out new places, foods, and activities that you both have always wanted to try. Whether it’s travelling to Paris to see the picturesque Eiffel Tower or hiking up your favourite mountain, sharing a new experience with someone you love makes it that more enjoyable. If you and your partner are not that adventurous or your limited in funds, try a salsa lesson or take a Thai cooking class to try a new cuisine.

Schedule date night

Having a regular date night with your partner can be a great time for reconnecting and building emotional intimacy in your relationship. Whether you set a date once a week at your favourite restaurant or you create date night at home, reserving time for you and your partner can be very beneficial for your relationship in the long run.

Make time for intimacy

In the New Year, vow not to make your intimate time with your partner a routine and always make time for sex. There will be times when you both are busy or just not in the mood; however, making time for intimacy can help you both naturally get in the groove. Whatever your circumstances are, don’t let stress from work or outside worries interfere with both of your sex lives. For 2017, keep things interesting by trying role play or using sex toys to bring some spark back into the bedroom.

Work as a team

Make sure that whatever 2017 brings your way, that the both of you will be able to stand by each other in the good and bad times. Whether it’s conflicts at work or achieving your personal goals, the two of you are a team; so remember that whatever obstacle comes your way, the two of you have decided to take on life’s challenges as a couple.

Having a regular date night with your partner can be a great time for reconnecting and building emotional intimacy in your relationship.

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