Pleasure In Your Hands

Make the experience more emotionally and physically fulfilling…

Discovering new ways to show your partner how they are cherished can build passion and fulfilment to your lovemaking. So express with your hands what you feel in different ways.

Dexterity provides a partner with unforgettable sensations, so take their pleasure into your hands to express affection. Ease away tensions and provide heightened feeling. Lubricants and massage gels raise the stimulation through skin-to-skin contact and remove the possibility of unwanted friction.

Warm up Durex Play Feel between your hands. It’s a light, incredibly smooth lube, popular with Cosmopolitan readers, 89% of whom when surveyed said it had improved their sex lives*. Then start to gently caress.

Sweeping motion

Durex Play Aloe Vera is light and incredibly smooth, with the subtle scent of this plant. Or use Durex Embrace Pleasure Gels with the warming ‘For Me’ gel, and arousal of ‘For You’. When combined they bring electrifying sensations to you both. Then use the lubricated pad of your thumb in a sweeping motion over the frenulum or the pubic mound.

Meanwhile, your other hand can give attention to the rest of his sexual zones. Then thrill with firm but comfortable strokes to his shaft with either one hand or using your palms while your fingers are interlocked. Gently run your finger up and down the clitoris.

You can also run curving massager Durex Sensual Bliss over their body to increase sensation. Take your cues from their reactions, movements and moans, or words. Talk about pleasure and be guided to the places that feel best.


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