Setting The Scene

Set the scene with the right sights, sounds and smells to enhance your loving

We’ve all heard the word boudoir, but its linguistic origin is surprising. In the original French, ‘boudoir’ translates as ‘sulking’ or ‘pouting’: a room a woman could retreat to for indulging a mood, privately.

Now, we think of it as a cocooning, enticing and exotic way to describe a room where our sensual side can run free. Reconfiguring your own bedroom to draw out a little of this spirit will make it feel instantly sexier and less functional. A few simple changes can help to put sex and romance back on the agenda.

There’s nothing frou-frou or overly feminine about the adjustments. Think modernist curves, luxe accessories and moody lighting. With a few clever tweaks, your room will instantly activate subconscious desire ‘triggers’. It speaks to your sensual side, and will deliver on romance.

Dim the lights

It’ll help you create a sexy ambience and ensure you feel your absolute best about your body. If you can afford a dimmer switch, get one fitted. If not, use low-wattage bedside lamps to set the mood. Enjoy the shadows that play on your bodies and the walls.

Check your mirrors

Being bombarded with full-sized reflections is distracting. Instead, select a few small mirrors to capture sexy snapshots of skin.

Scent the room

Some scents have been shown to have a dramatic effect on the olfactory bulb, a part of the brain that is linked with sexual desire. In studies, the scent of cinnamon or lavender increased blood flow to the penis. Warm a little high quality essential oil on a burner, or light a non-synthetic scented candle.

Keep your drawer stocked

Having everything you require for great sex. Durex Taste Me condoms are in banana, strawberry, orange and apple fruit flavour to bring added fun and excitement. Add a massage gel: smooth, light Durex Play Feel is intensely sensual. In a survey of Cosmopolitan readers 89% said their sex lives had been enhanced by Durex Play Feel*. Or Durex Play O massage gel combines cooling, warming and tingling sensations. Subscribe to have products sent to you regularly.

Think about how things feel

Opt for accessories in satin, silk or velvet for a touch of luxe, and select a few well-placed objects to display. The right print, a hand-blown glass vase or a chair with sweeping curves will please you and your partner’s eye and help to feed your sensory imagination. Lightly stroke the body with Durex Endless Touch, giving sensational stimulation from its soft curves.

Be bold

Go for something dark and cocooning. Or paint the wall behind your bed an earthy shade. Chocolatey tones and dark shades will help to make a space feel voluptuous and sexy.



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