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As we celebrate bonfire night with fireworks and sparklers, recreate the same excitement in the bedroom with sex toys and watch your night take off. Whether you use them or just desire them, introducing sex toys to your relationship can be exciting as well as nerve-wracking. Here are 5 ways sex toys can bring you and your partner both pleasure and excitement.

Sex Toys in the Bedroom

Communication is a central factor to any relationship, and this topic is not an exception. Before you assume all is well, you must realise that introducing any external factor to your sex life can be challenging. First thing first- ask your partner if can use a sex toy! If it seems too intimidating, try making it part of your pillow talk and share openly your interests and desires. You never know…they will probably thinking the same as you.

Sex Toy Research

Sex toys aren’t just limited to foreplay; they can deliver the ultimate quickie or finish off an all-night marathon. That’s why it’s a good idea to do some research before raising the topic. Developing a good level of knowledge and understanding of which sex toy you want to try, can help narrow down the variety of sex toys available to best suit you.

Cock Rings & Massagers

Choose a toy that you can use together. This is a good opportunity for you and your partner to connect and discuss products you may or may not like. Some toys such as cock rings may need a better explanation, while vibrators and massagers are widely popular. Or try Durex Sensual Bliss as either an intimate massager or vibrator for the ultimate pleasure.

Make sure to research the purpose of each toy, how it works, and what your partner can expect. For those who are a bit shy, browsing on-line in the comfort of your home can be fun, even if you don’t purchase anything.

Vibrator Benefits

A common fear is that one partner may feel left out or replaced. However, by using an introductory toy such as a vibrator, this will help to reinforce the idea that sex toys are not a replacement for ‘the real thing’. A Durex vibrator is the perfect multi-functional vibrator to use alone or as couple during foreplay or sex.

Don’t Pressure

If your partner is intimidated or nervous by the thought of sex toys, begin with toys that are less threatening. If their still not keen on the idea, don’t push it! Leave the subject alone and continue to focus on experimenting with other things in the bedroom you two are both comfortable with. It’s all about experimentation, your partner can trust.


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