Sexercise: How Can Sex Improve Your Summer Body?

Sexercise: How Can Sex Improve Your Summer Body?

Who says working out is a chore?

Every summer, men and women across the world look for the easiest and best way to achieve that perfect ‘beach body’.

Fad diets and gruelling exercise regimes are the usual ways to go, but what if we told you that great sex can actually improve your summer body too?

Sex as exercise

Essentially, sex is a form of exercise. It works out various muscles, improves your core strength and certainly works up a sweat, but there are other health benefits too.

Research has suggested that regular sex can help everything from your immune system to bladder control in women (thanks to contraction of the pelvic floor). It can also lower your blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart attack and even lessen feelings of pain thanks to the release of hormones.

In men, sex has been suggested as one factor that might reduce the risk of prostate cancer while more general benefits included improved sleeping habits and stress relief.

With regards to exercise, sex burns an average of five calories for each minute beneath the sheets and can count as a decent workout by using various muscles and raising your heartrate.

Sexercise: How Can Sex Improve Your Summer Body?

Using sex to get your dream body

Thanks to the multitude of health benefits offered by sex, you can actually use the activity to improve your summer body. This is one for both the men and the women and as always how much you get out of it will depend on what you put in!

A few tips on how to use sex to get your dream body include:

  • Play sex games – this will not only enhance the enjoyment of your lovemaking but it can also help you work up more of a sweat. You might also use different muscles than normal when spicing up your love life in this way and that will help you feel more benefits. A great way to introduce games into your repertoire is by experimenting with sex toys.
  • Choose your positions wisely – if there is an area of your body that you want to tone up then look for sexual positions that work those muscles. This is a good way to get your bum, legs and tum in shape for the beach.
  • Don’t forget foreplay– making your sexual encounters last for as long as possible will not only give you more enjoyment and greater change of multiple orgasms but it will also burn more calories. You shouldn’t clock-watch but remembering to make time for foreplay and to enjoy discovering each other’s bodies rather than rushing to the end goal is important.
  • Make sure you achieve orgasm – a lot of relationship advice will tell you about the importance of mutual orgasms during sex with your partner but it can also help with your health goals. Orgasms have been proven as a form of pain relief while men who ejaculate regularly are thought to have lower risks of prostate cancer. Orgasms also reduce stress and make us feel more comfortable with ourselves which will only improve our self-image.