Spice It Up: 5 Signs You're Too Comfortable In Your Relationship

Spice It Up: 5 Signs You're Too Comfortable In Your Relationship

Routines can be great at work or prioritising daily tasks at home; however, routine structure in a long-term relationship can stifle intimacy between you and your partner. Learn how to spice things up and create a more fulfilling relationship with our 5 tips. 

1. You hardly ever kiss

The dating and early honeymoon stages of any relationship are unsurprisingly filled with spare-of-the-moment kisses, passionate embraces and lengthy make-out sessions. However, as time goes by, many couples find themselves kissing less as their relationship becomes more routined. Kissing is a sensual and highly erotic act and shouldn’t just be reserved for sex.

In order to keep a healthy spark between you and your partner, try to maintain those moments of spontaneity by grabbing your partner off-guard for a passionate kiss. This could be as soon as they arrive home from work, whilst on a cinema date, or simply as you are walking down the street together. If you are looking for some tips on being a better kisser then take a look at our Makeout Session 101 Guide.

2. You’d rather watch a movie than have sex

Similarly to the decrease in kissing, a couple who have grown too comfortable with each other may also notice a reduction in the amount of sex and the quality of sex that they are now having. What used to be a passionate and varied sex life could soon become monotonous and a bit stale. A good sex life takes time and effort from both partners to maintain, so don’t always take the easy date night option of a movie and a takeaway, but instead take time to plan intimate moments with your lover and consider the introduction of sex toys to spice things up again.

Spice It Up: 5 Signs You're Too Comfortable In Your Relationship

3. You no longer sleep naked

Pyjamas…what are they? In the first few months of a new relationship, this is the question on many couples’ lips. After all, it is far easier to sleep naked than getting undressed every hour or so for your next sex session. A sure sign that your getting too relaxed in your relationship is when the pyjamas are back on – and we are not talking about the sexy, see-through, lace kind. If you find yourself slumping on the sofa with your partner wearing an oversized t-shirt and your old university hoodie, then it’s time to get a handle of yourself and pay a visit to the nearest lingerie store. Why not go shopping together with your partner so you can choose out some sexy pieces that you both like (to take off).

4. You leave the bathroom door open

There was a time when you would sneak off to the bathroom quickly and silently so that your partner couldn’t hear you, as well as triple checking the door-lock to ensure that there would be no embarrassing interruptions midway through a toilet break. However, gradually, as your relationship has progressed your bathroom etiquette may have slipped, which is a true sign that you are getting way too comfortable. Going to the toilet is and always should be a private affair, which no-one else (let alone your lover) should ever have to witness. Let’s keep it that way.

5. Your personal grooming regime has slackened

Hair free legs, waxed bikini line, exfoliated skin – all key ingredients in a healthy grooming regime to ensure maximum sexiness during intimacy. In a new relationship you would probably rather cancel your date that have your lover witness stray hairs on your body, however, if your personal grooming has been slacking of late, then now is the time to get things back under control before you reach the point of no return.