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Spring Sex Week: 7 Days, 7 Hot Positions


When spring arrives, we’re encouraged to clean the house, de-clutter our cupboards and empty our minds. However, here at Durex we encourage you to put the hoover away and get down and dirty.

What better way to put a spring back in your step than with Spring Sex Week. With 7 days providing 7 different opportunities - try a new position and a new set of goodies to aid your sexual pleasure every day!

Monday – Doggy Style

Monday’s are never something to look forward to – however a quick doggy-style position is definitely a way to start off the week. Doggy style is best to experiment with in the morning over a face to face position, as it’s when you have the most energy, and you’re not breathing in each other’s morning breath.

This is one of the most popular positions and for very good reasons. The woman kneels on all fours with legs parted, whilst her partner kneels directly behind her and enters from behind. Men enjoy this position as they feel in control and primal, whilst women benefit from the intensity of the position and direct G-spot stimulation. Women can also easily use one hand to stimulate their own clitoris in this position with or without a sex toy as an aid.

Spring Sex Week: 7 Days, 7 Hot Positions

Tuesday - The standing quickie

Do you get a lunch break together? Try this when you have a spare few minutes throughout your day.

Having sex standing up is extremely passionate and because of this, both partners usually find it easy to climax quickly – hence the name. The woman stands with her back to the wall and the man stands in front of her. It helps if there is a table or stool nearby that she can rest one leg on as penetration is easier when her legs are slightly parted. The man should soften his knees for added support and take control of the thrusting. This is a great position for when you are out and fancy a secret quickie!

Spring Sex Week: 7 Days, 7 Hot Positions

Wednesday – Sitting

Try this position in the evening. It may be hump day but, we’re halfway through the week and our busy lives mean we need to re-connect and enjoy each other.

This can be a very romantic position – you are face to face so it’s perfect for lots of kissing and eye contact, which creates much more intimacy. In this position, your partner sits on the bed cross-legged while you lower yourself onto his lap, wrapping your arms and legs around his neck and back. Whilst there can be deep penetration, the movement itself has to stay at a calm and steady tempo which is ideal for stopping him getting overly excited and rushing things. If you think he might climax soon, slow things right down and that may be able to delay him for some time.

Spring Sex Week: 7 Days, 7 Hot Positions

Thursday – The Lap dance

With the working week almost at an end take some time to relax and unwind. Loosen up with some music and candles. Nothing says throwback Thursday more than experimenting with your positions, just like when you first started dating.

This position requires the use of a chair. Whether you choose an armchair, dining chair or office chair, anything that can support both you and your partner will suffice. Have the man sit on the chair while the woman straddles him and takes control. This position can be even sexier if both partners leave their clothes on, making it feel more spontaneous and naughty! This is a great one for women who want to try out being more dominant during sex; as they are in full control of the angle, depth and speed of each movement. The man is also in a great position to explore his partners’ body. With two free hands he can massage her breasts or hold on to her buttocks as she thrusts, for a pleasurable sensation.

Spring Sex Week: 7 Days, 7 Hot Positions

Friday – The Bridge

Finish the last of your working week right. The bridge is a fun way to spice up your morning routine whilst giving you both a flavour of what the weekend may entail.

A variation on the traditional missionary position, The Bridge requires a bit more flexibility from the woman but with well-worthy results! From the missionary position, the man should sit up so that he's sitting on his ankles whilst the woman stays on her back with her feet flat on the floor with her hips raised towards the ceiling into a low bridge position. This will allow him to enter her in a perfect position. The new angle of penetration can create intense stimulation for her, plus it has the added benefit of toning her thighs and buttocks at the same time. Win-win!

Spring Sex Week: 7 Days, 7 Hot Positions

Saturday - The Kitchen Table Romp

Who says tables are just for dinner time. Why not utilise your dining table whilst your dinner is in the oven?

Sometimes simply taking sex out of the bedroom can help increase excitement, so for this position make your way to the kitchen. You will need a table that isn't too high so that the man's waist is at table-top height. The woman lies down flat on the table edge whilst her partner enters her, holding on to either her hips or waist depending on how tall he is. As he is standing, the man's hands are free to roam her body meaning that he can stimulate her clitoris at the same time and he could also massage in some orgasm enhancing lubricant to help her to climax sooner.

Spring Sex Week: 7 Days, 7 Hot Positions

Sunday – Spooning

Sundays are the day of rest and this can be easily transferred into the bedroom. Spooning is slow and steady allowing you to enjoy your morning lie in together.

Here the man and woman both lie on their sides, facing the same direction and close together. The man’s pelvis is slightly lower than the woman’s, while she bends forward slightly from the hip, lifting her leg slightly to let him enter her. It has a far gentler pace and shallower penetration – it’s more of a grinding action rather than thrusting. This is an intimate position, and perfect if you are both feeling tired – great for slow, lazy Sunday morning sex!

Spring Sex Week: 7 Days, 7 Hot Positions


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