Super Close Sex Positions To Deepen Your Bond

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Sometimes sex is full of emotion and intimacy, sometimes it is not. However, if you want to deepen the connection between you and your partner in the bedroom, then intimacy is key – both physically and emotionally. Spending time to appreciate each other’s bodies, communicating about what you each like, and saying what feels good are all perfect places to start.

Check out our tips for the best creative sex positions to get close and deepen the bond between both of you.

Missionary Position

Although the missionary position is often seen as the most basic of sex positions, it doesn’t mean it should be boring. When it comes to intimacy and being close, you can’t beat this position, which allows you to use your senses and explore each other fully. With the man being directly on top of the woman, eye contact is easy and accessible.

Many people feel embarrassed or nervous about keeping prolonged eye contact during sex. However, if you manage to lock a prolonged gaze between both of you, it can feel incredibly passionate and sexy. If you manage to hold the gaze until you both climax, then this can heighten the sensations and help to create a feeling of togetherness. Missionary also allows you to explore each other’s bodies physically – stroking your partner’s hair, holding their hand, and rubbing their shoulders are all possible in this position, and help to make your partner feel appreciated and loved during intercourse.

Seated Lotus

The Seated Lotus position not only sounds serene and spiritual, but also feels relaxed and natural, allowing both partners to feel comfortable and close during sex. Here the male sits down on the floor (he can rest his back against a wall or bed if more comfortable) and the woman sits on top of him with her legs wrapped around his waist.

Not only does the woman receive extra clitoral stimulation, but she can also control the depth and speed that she wants. At the same time, the man can use his hands to explore her breasts, neck, and bottom, deepening the physical intimacy both partners are feeling. Eye contact is also great in this position, and passionate kissing is a must. Be sure to use plenty of lube with all of these sex positions. You could even use it as part of your foreplay routine.

Side by Side

Sometimes you want sex to be fast and passionate, however you may want to take your time and make it last for hours. Side by Side is a perfect position for a lazy Sunday morning, when you can be slow and sensual, and have nowhere to rush off to. This position is great for that, because it allows you a lot of intimate contact without being too intense.

Both partners should lie on their sides facing each other. It helps if her top leg is wrapped around his back slightly for a better grip. This can be an extremely romantic position as he wraps his arms around her and lightly caresses her breasts or whispers in her ears as he gently thrusts. For extra stimulation, the man could use a sex toy in this position, for example, an intimate massager to further clitoral pleasure for his partner.

The above sex positions are all the perfect choices if you're wanting a sensual evening of pleasure with your partner. Make sure to always make each other feel good; whisper sweet nothings in each other's ears, kiss and caress each other and be sure to hold hands and explore each other's bodies. All of this can enhance the pleasure and your bond as a couple.

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