Surprising Ways Sex Toys Can Improve Your Sex Life

If you are trying to add new things into your bedroom routine and not sure where to begin, adding a sex toy can be a great way to help increase desire and sexual satisfaction between you and your partner. Whether you are looking to discover new ways to connect or want to try something a bit different, here are surprising ways using a sex toy can improve your sex life.

Add a few thrills

Studies have shown that new and adventurous activities may stimulate you and your partner’s brain to produce dopamine- a neurotransmitter that plays a role in creating sexual desire. So to get your dopamine levels skyrocketing while exploring different parts of your partner, do something daring inside the bedroom that is sure to boost your sex drive. Try a vibrating sex toy that is certain to replicate that exhilarating feeling you had in the beginning of your relationship.

Work your pelvic muscles

When it comes to intimacy, you and your partner may only focus on foreplay and achieving the big O. However, focusing on exercising your pelvic floor in conjunction with a vibrator can help bring a wave of new sensation to your bedroom routine. To help identify your pelvic floor, inhale deeply and try to squeeze down as if you are trying to stop the flow of urine mid-stream. Once you have mastered this, consider incorporating kegel exercises into your daily routine for a few weeks and experience a more pleasurable experience with your partner.

Surprising Ways Sex Toys Can Improve Your Sex Life

Discover erogenous zones

Doing the same intimate acts with your partner can become stale after a while, but it doesn’t have to be. Instead, take time to explore the neglected areas of your partner that can offer an erotic feeling for the both of you. Try an intimate kiss at the nape of the neck or use an intimate massager towards the pelvis area where there is a large grouping of nerves for an orgasmic response. Whether you gently kiss or caress these locations, they are sure to send a satisfying vibration through your partner’s body.

Increase foreplay

Sex and intimacy doesn’t just solely rely on the physical act. Establishing an emotional connection is essential in creating an enjoyable and pleasurable sexual experience for you and your partner. Inject the same level of desire back into your bedroom routine with foreplay. Whether you surprise your partner with a suggestive note or want to enter into the world of erotic play, include a sex toy such as a cock ring or vibrator can further help tantalise and tease your partner.

Improve communication

Talking openly about your interests and desires with your partner is one way that introducing sex toys to your bedroom routine can help you and your partner communicate more effectively. Whether you always wanted to explore further or just wanted to spice things up a bit, sharing your desires and needs with your partner can be a great way to build trust and honesty. If you are uncomfortable or your partner is feeling intimidated by the toys, suggest choosing a toy such as a bullet vibrator that is small but packs a huge punch. Not only are they less threatening, it could be used to stimulate your clitoris while providing a pleasurable sensation for your partner’s penis.

When it comes to intimacy, you and your partner may only focus on foreplay and achieving the big O

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