4 Oral Sex Positions You Need To Try

Indulging in oral sex with your partner is a highly intimate act, some may even say it's more intimate than intercourse.
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Let’s Talk Vaginal Dryness

Mention vaginal dryness and most people will tell you it’s just something menopausal women have to deal with. But they’re wrong. In fact, 73% of wo...
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Use Gels And Lube For More Play In Foreplay

One of the things most of us aspire to is great sex. From no strings attached to a marriage that spans decades we just want to please the other per...
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How To Spend Your First Valentine's Day As An LGBT Couple

Valentine’s Day is a holiday filled with clichés, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate it. Discover how to spend your first Valentine's Da...
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Everything You Should Know About Oral Sex

With so many people enjoying cunnilingus, fellatio, going down, blow jobs, giving head and rimming, is there anything you need to know about enjoyi...
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How To Give The Perfect Massage This Valentine’s Day

Looking for a way to get saucy this Valentines? A sensual massage is a great way to create romance, and if done correctly is likely to lead to some...
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5 Tips For An Unforgettable Blowjob

If oral sex is a favourite of your partner then why not surprise him with some unexpected new techniques that will leave him wanting more.
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