6 Pubic Hair Styles For Women

Looking after your pubic hair has never been easier with our guide to women's pubic hair styles. Scissors at the ready? Here are six pubic hair sty...
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10 Yoga Positions You Can Use For Sex

Yoga can improve your flexibility and health. Whether you’re a yoga beginner or expert, here are 10 yoga sex positions that you're certain to love.
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The Side Effects & Benefits Of Masturbation

Is masturbation bad for you? What are the side effects of masturbation? All your masturbation questions answered in our explore sex blog.
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5 Creative Places To Have Sex In Your House

Want to spice up your sex life? It may be time to mix it up a bit. Here are our 5 exciting places to have sex outside the bedroom.
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How To Have Phone Sex: A Beginner’s Guide

Explore all you need to know about phone sex in our beginner's guide. Are you a phone sex newcomer? We have all the phone sex tips to get you started.
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Scared Of Sex: What Is Erotophobia?

Anxiety around sex is by no means uncommon and could indicate a sex phobia. Here is everything you need to know about erotophobia: the fear of sex.
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What Is The Best Lube For Anal Sex?

Discover the best lubricant for anal sex. Are you an anal sex newcomer? We have all you need to know about the perfect anal lube.
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