5 Valentine's Day Games To Help You Embrace The Dark Side

Valentine's day is fast approaching and planning the perfect date night can be a bit nerve-wracking, especially if this is your first Valentine's w...
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How To Choose A Vibrator

There are no rules for buying the right vibrator, but is good to know which one will suit you the most. Find out how to choose a vibrator with Durex.
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7 Erogenous Zones You Need To Know For Ultimate Pleasure

Discovering how to stimulate each other's erogenous zones is a great way to bring you & your partner closer together. Read here on the 7 most s...
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4 Simple Ways To Dominate In The Bedroom

Looking to add some sparks back in the bedroom with your partner? Discover how to dominate in the bedroom with Durex's ultimate top tips. Read more...
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5 Of The Best Sex Positions For Female Orgasms

Whether you're finding it difficult to experience orgasm, or you need to fine tune what you already know, here are 5 sex positions to try for guara...
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4 Things To Know If You Can't Orgasm

Most men climax fairly quickly and easily if they put their mind to it.
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