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The Durex Guide To Manscaping


Manscaping is officially in. For years, women have been tending to their lady gardens in the name of style, whether that be with a Brazilian or with a Hollywood trim. But in a world striving for gender equality and shared standards, isn’t it time for the gents to step up too?

Whether you want to know more about shaving your pubic hair or you’re in need of some manscaping tips and styles, we’ve got you covered. Fed up with your usual unkempt manscape? It may be time for a trim.

What is manscaping?

Manscaping refers to the trimming of your pubic hair into a style. Although many men out there are happy to let their pubic hair grow wild, the manscaping trend has now officially taken off. After all, if women are going out of their way to keep their pubes in check, guys probably should too.

Of course, manscaping doesn’t just refer to the hair around the genital area, it also refers to the trimming of chest hair and armpit hair as well.

When it comes to the pubic region though, whether you want to sport the clean-shaven look or something more elaborate such as ‘The Zeus’, there are plenty of styles to choose from.

Why is manscaping important?

If we’re talking armpit and chest hair, manscaping is purely about preference. It may be the case that you feel more confident with a clean-shaven chest, or your partner may think it gives you more of an aesthetically pleasing look.

When it comes to pubic hair shaving though, there are actually a few benefits you may not have thought of.

One significant benefit is that shaving or trimming your pubes could make your penis look bigger. If you naturally have a large bush of pubic hair downstairs, this can give the impression that your penis is smaller than it actually is.

Don’t believe us? Try a bit of manscaping yourself and you may be surprised at the results. A big bush of pubic hair around the pubis has the effect of burying the base of the penile shaft. Trim back the bush and you will be exposing more of your penis when you do get the chance to strip off.

Manscaping and sex toys

For those of you familiar with male sex toys, you may have found in the past that pubic hair has the potential to get stuck to your chosen toy. This applies to cock rings especially, as the hair can get coiled around the ring.

When using one of our Durex Pleasure cock rings, for example, you may find it a lot easier to slip it on and off without a big bush of hair getting in the way. The Durex Pleasure cock ring sits at the base of the penis and has the potential to both intensify pleasure and prolong your erection.

If you love your unkempt look, fear not, you won’t have any issues using our pleasure ring to take advantage of its wonderful benefits, but you just might find the whole experience runs a little more smoothly if you keep your pubic hair in check.

How to shave pubic hair

Shaving your pubic hair is fairly easy, provided you have the right tools. It’s likely you have a pair of scissors laying around the house somewhere however, if you’re a manscaping newcomer, we wouldn’t advise you dive right in there with the scissors.

Instead, why not try ordering some hair clippers? Get a set with different attachments and you should have no problems creating the manscape of your dreams.

Clippers usually have built-in safety features meaning you can get as close to clean-shaven as you like without any concern about cutting yourself or damaging the skin.

Manscaping styles to try right now

There are loads of manscaping styles out there for you to try. Feeling brave? Here are a few styles to try right now:

  • The Landing Strip
  • The Moustache
  • The Heart
  • The Zeus
  • The Clean Shave

man laughing

The Landing Strip

To create The Landing Strip, simply shave the pubes completely off, leaving the strip of hair that leads vertically upward from the base of the penis.

The Moustache

More of a comical look, The Moustache involves retaining a horizontal strip of hair at the top of the pubic region with the remainder of the hair clean-shaven.

The Heart

Now we’re getting a little more technical. The Heart refers to a heart shape of hair left above the base of the penis, with all other hair shaved off. It can be difficult to achieve an accurate heart shape, but if you pull it off successfully, it can be a great Valentine’s Day surprise.

The Zeus

This is one for the pros, The Zeus involves manscaping a lightning bolt into the area above the penis. You can make the bolt as small as you like, however, the bigger it is the easier the design will be to achieve.

The Clean Shave

The Clean Shave does exactly what it says on the tin – remove all pubic hair from the genital region. If you are trying this for the first time, try removing the initial mound of hair with clippers. You can then use a razor to get that smooth finish. Just be sure to trim with care!


Want to know more about all things sex? Or maybe you want to learn about the best pubic hairstyles for women? If so, head over to our Explore Sex blog, or check out our ultimate guide to pubic hairstyles for her now.



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