The Things You Should Never Use as Lube

Great sex is great for many reasons. The mixture of sensations building up to that final climax of pleasure can be a truly memorable experience. One of the easiest ways to improve your sex life is to bring lube into the mix. While some people feel like using a lubricant is only for older generations, they couldn’t be more wrong.

The truth is, lubrication is a natural part of sex. Not only does it help ensure comfort for both parties, it can also increase pleasure hugely, depending on the variety of lube used.

With that in mind, we’ve put together this helpful guide to the things you should never use as lube alternatives.

Couple kissing passionately on a bed

Coconut oil as lube

Coconut oil is a popular product. With a seemingly unending source of use, it’s become a staple in the cupboards of many across the country. Coconut oil as lubricant, however, is not ideal.

Why? Well, it’s down to coconut oil containing antiviral and antibacterial properties that could disrupt the Ph balance and cause infection. Although coconut oil may be known for it’s excellent moisturisation properties for your skin and hair, this is not necessarily the case for your ‘downstairs’.

Crucially, coconut oil is not compatible with latex condoms which is the case with all oil-based products. This limits the different types of condom you can use it with.

Petroleum Jelly as lube

When asking the question, “what can I use as lube?”, we’re guessing that a lot of people will think of petroleum jelly fairly quickly. You may be surprised to learn however, that using this as lubricant is going to cause more harm than good.

Like coconut oil, petroleum jelly has its own properties, creating a barrier on the skin that locks in moisture. Because it isn’t absorbed into the body, it remains on the skin, creating a messy experience that is hard to clean off.

Again, being an oil-based product, petroleum jelly is unsuitable for use with latex condoms. Using an oil-based lube and latex condoms will cause the contraception to degrade, leaving it more vulnerable to tears and rips. Therefore, this puts you at an increased risk of contracting sexual transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancy.

Spit as Lube

Sounds horrible doesn’t it? But more people than you might think use saliva as a lubricant. Some people might think that spit makes sex more exciting or sensual but the truth is that spit and saliva provide very little lubrication.

Sex with saliva as lube could be painful as there will be inadequate lubrication when compared to a professionally manufactured lube. So, if you are in need of some lubrication, just don’t go there.

It’s not embarrassing to use lube and it doesn’t make sex any less sexy. If anything, it makes it even better! It’s very rare that the body is optimally lubricated completely of its own accord, so help it along the way with a specially formulated lubricant.

Strawberries on a white background

Food or liquid as lube

Food can be great to bring into the bedroom. However, inserting any type of food into the lower areas of your body runs the risk of causing an infection and it’s likely that food substances won’t be absorbed by the body, meaning they’ll need to be washed off.

So, even though it can be fun to experiment with food, stick to eating strawberries off each other’s bodies or trying our strawberry flavoured lube rather than reaching for the tub of butter and wondering “what if?”.

What can I use as lube?

It’s always best to stick to a specially designed lubricant like those from the Durex range. Not just because of the amazing varieties of lube on offer, but because you know that the creation of the product meets our high standards.

Whether it’s tingling lubes you’re after or a water-based lubricant, with Durex, you can be confident of a lube that’ll help make your sexual experiences that little bit more special.

If you’re thinking natural is the way forward, then try out the Durex Naturals Intimate Gel instead. With 100% natural ingredients and designed to make your intimate moments smooth and thrilling, it’s perfect for those who are concerned about what they’re putting on and in their body.

Why should I use lube?

There are many reasons why we think that everyone should use lube. Below we have listed why lube could be a great addition to the bedroom for you:

  • It can help make foreplay more exciting and intense
  • It can make the transition from foreplay to sexual intercourse more seamless
  • Lubricant can make sex more comfortable, especially for those who suffer from vaginal dryness
  • Lube can also be used with sex toys to make masturbation or foreplay more pleasurable

Just because you might be feeling a little bit dry down there, this doesn’t mean that you are not turned on! All women are different and at Durex we believe that all ladies should lube up and get the enjoyment out of sex they deserve! We think that sex feels better with lube, but remember, do your research and use a lube that is right for you.