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If you’re looking for some quality time with your partner, and the thought of sun, sex and sangria gets you excited – then booking a holiday together sounds like the perfect idea. Going away with your partner is a huge step in your relationship, and can be a fantastic thing to do together; however, taking this step means that you learn a lot about your partner and their quirks. Here are a few top tips to know to help you prepare for an amazing holiday away together.

You’ll get to see their true colours

This is not necessarily a bad thing, and can bring you even closer when you learn exactly what makes your partner tick. Being in a confined space for a long period enables you to open up and learn about each other – however when sharing a bathroom for the first time, you may learn more than you desire! You’ll have the opportunity to discuss your future plans and goals, and whilst these may sound intimidating, it is essential for a trusting and open relationship.

Sex, sex, and more sex

Yes, going away on holiday with your partner can result in hot and steamy sex whenever and wherever. As your day- to- day routine back home can become mundane and uninspiring, a holiday with your partner can refresh and rejuvenate your sex life. From boosting your energy to visiting new locations, going away together can help reignite the spark that you both need to reconnect. If you both decide that you want to try something new while you’re away, why not incorporate a lube or a sex toy into the mix.

Relax and go with the flow

Holiday’s don’t always go to plan, but you can’t let that get in the way of your time away together. Flights can be cancelled, weather can take a turn for the worst, but it’s the way you and your partner handle this that will be a big reflection on your relationship. The most exciting adventures can sometimes be the spontaneous ones, so embrace whatever is thrown your way and just go with it.

Times may be testing

After spending a lot of time together, you may start to notice your partner’s flaws and little things that niggle you; however, this isn’t always a bad thing. Learning about your partner on an intimate level ensures that you can grow together and learn how to cope with each other’s traits and habits.

Unlike arguments back home where storming off to your own place is an option, your confined spaces will encourage you to talk through your issues without getting heated. Try not to leave anything undiscussed, as this will create tension for the remainder of your holiday. If things are getting too tense, make sure that you’re supplied with a massage gel to ensure you can give each other a relaxing massage once you have both calmed down.

Holiday’s don’t always go to plan – but don't let that get in the way of your time away together.

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