Unwrap The Best Present This Christmas!

Christmas is not just for kids… What do lovers really want from Santa this year?

Christmas is not just for kids! While the shops and TV adverts are packed with adverts for toys and treats, there is a generation of adults ready to take back the fun for themselves.

It seems that those wishing to put the fun back into festivities are most keen to do so without the traditional Christmas nightmare of screaming kids, rowing families and judgemental Mother-in-Laws.

Brits are keen to make the most of their new found festive freedom. When asked what they’d spend their day doing, with around one third saying they’d spend it in the sack.

As they look to recapture a bit of magic, many people are hoping for a little more creativity and imagination from their other halves in Christmas. People said they’d like their partner to be more romantic, while more sexy gifts are on the wish list of many Brits. There are also some more intimate items that are high on adults’ lists to Santa.

According the results, adult playtime and indulgence are emerging themes this Christmas and it’s at the saucier end of the spectrum where people really want to be surprised.

Leading Sex expert Alix Fox says:"It has always been the traditional mindset that Christmas is a time to be close to the ones we love – and, as this survey shows, it’s also a time we want to be close to our lovers. Yet it can be hard to fit in a deliciously X-rated moment at Xmas when plans can get so hectic; travelling the length and breadth of the country to visit relatives, racing round the shops to buy turkey and tinsel, or hosting a houseful of guests.

Buying your partner an erotic gift designed to be enjoyed intimately together is a good way of reminding you both to clear a little space for some festive one-on-one. Make sure you save at least one private evening for yourselves to toast your relationship, make out under the mistletoe, then unwrap and play with the very best presents imaginable – each other!"

It’s a little nod and a wink to a childhood Christmas favourite with a very adult, very Durex twist. This year Durex wants couples to make time for each other and have just as much fun as the kids.


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